28 things in 28 days

For the past two years I've decided to fill my Februarys up with a different activity for everyday of the month. 
28 days filled with free lectures, movies, museums, and happy hours. 

each year I forced myself to try new things and step out of my comfort zone and for the past two years I felt like I accomplished something awesome and my March I was happy that I completed my goal. 

read about my experience here:

the rules:
Do 28 different things that I normally wouldn’t do in 28 days.
1) It has to be 28 different things. 
2) I can take a day/night off as long as I double up one day/night.  (I decided this after I had a fear that I would get sick one night and want to go to bed early)
3) They have to be “sort-of… kind-of” DC-ish.  Meaning that it has to be something that I may not have the opportunity to do on a regularly basis in Iowa.

Me Excited! 

* I promise that I did endeed finish the 28 things in 28 days for 2012 I just had life get in the way from updating about it. 

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