Monday, July 15, 2013


It takes a lot to have a perfect family vacation....

let see:

First you take an awesome train ride at the zoo with your five and six year old niece and nephew.  

second: take family photos and re-live those childhood memories that involved going camping in a school bus -- yes a school bus. 

Third: Classic Small Town Iowa Fourth of July festivities including Bomb Pops, a parade -including candy, large shaved ice, funnel cakes, pupusa, ice cream, s'mores,.. really just a lot of food.  

Forth: add some backyard camping.
(editor's note: somehow I was stuck sleeping in the "kids" tent... maybe when I'm 30 I'll be seen as an adult)

 Fifth: some hot tub action with a five and six year old.

Six: Science museum action with a four year old. 

Seven: sunset, corn, sunflowers, and a family in "comfy" clothes.  

Eight:  Host an awesome Baby shower for your sister.  
Nine:  Immediately regret the flight that got in at midnight and not taking Monday off from work.  

Next Time: a vacation that includes naps