Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Harry Potter, Smithsonian, Photoshop, Drinks, Solange, and a New Job.

As always I’m late in blogging about my 28 things in 28days challenge.

and now I present to you event 19-24... check back for the last 3!

Event 19:
A band that sings songs they have written about Harry Potter!

one of their songs!
It was awesome!

Event 20:
Smithsonian tweet up. 
I was one of the few lucky people that were able to go behind the scenes at National Museum of American History.
There is a great summary blog post here! by @hanseldee
more photos here

Event 21:
A GREAT exhibit at the National Gallery of Art about photoshop before photoshop was a computer program.
definitely a must see if you are in the DC area. 

Event 22:
I got happy hour with Katie and to make it fall into a "new thing" we headed to a new bar that I have never been to, Penn Social, they had a half *ass* done mural of the Big Ten.. missing about 4 schools all together. (but included Iowa!)
Their service was also “blah.” I’m use to my HstNE service. 

Event 23:
Allison had an extra ticket to see Solange Knowles at the Black Cat.
I had no idea what songs she was famous for, but I had a blast.

Event 24:
I got a new job!
I found out on Friday at around 4pm... I immediately texted my friends and found 3 willing souls to get happy hour with me!
thanks Rebecca, Zack, and Andi for celebrating with me!

leftover Pink Champagne from NYE... saved for a special occasion. 
at Cafe Promenade.
Check back for the last four days of my 28 things in 28 days challenge! 

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