Friday, March 1, 2013


Event 18 as part of my 2013: 28 things in 28 days

I’m a girl from Iowa and living in Iowa you don’t get to experience certain portions of American History, because wars weren’t really fought in the middle of the country.

When my friend Rachel suggested a day in Fredericksburg, I said YES without even thinking about it.

She had a whole list of things she wanted us to do: "Washington’s boyhood home, battlefields, AMAZING ice cream, lunch at one of the last pharmacy/soda shop" (her exact twitter words).

She picked me up early in the morning on a Sunday –who does she think she is- but she greeted me with coffee and later a donut so no real complaints.

Because it was a Sunday in February most of these places were closed. 

But we still got to go to a Battlefield!

cannons. seriously, you don't see these in Iowa. 

the original stone wall. 

real life bullet holes from the civil war. 
in the house from the picture above. 

Fredericksburg National Cemetery where Union and unknown soldiers were buried. 

After the battlefield we explored downtown Fredericksburg:
a local thrift store had a stack of old Iowa postcards.  Awesome!

and lunch at a local spot... any place that has pupusa is good with me

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