Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Youth Poetry Slam

Day 3: DC youth Poetry Slam Team 2013 Semifinals
Part of my 28 things 28 days 2013 challenge 

In the past I have been no stranger to adding at least one poetry related event to my 28 things in 28 day challenge and this year I decided I wanted to experience the youth poets in this city.
I headed to the Portrait Gallery and to the beautiful Kogod Courtyard to listen to a group of young poets spill out their souls.

It was a unique location to hold a slam event because even though it was absolutely beautiful, there were plenty of distractions…constant individuals walking around and talking… completely oblivious to what was going on.
At one point two very adorable kids in front me decided that playing tag was an okay thing to do… yes adorable, but distracting.

The poets themselves deserve some made props… they were awesome and even created an emotional response in me which was a little shocking considering I have ten years on some of the poets (but then again I’m a sucker for heartfelt things)

A lot of it put my life in to perspective.  My issues and problems really mean nothing when compared to some of the major issues brought up. 
Sure being unemployed is a pretty big issue, but I have already figured out who I am… and I would never want to revert back to a younger me where I didn’t know where I fit in.

Of course the opposite was also true… sometimes I was so far removed from what was going on in these teenagers life that I didn’t have any connection and thought their problems seemed unimportant.
But it wasn’t about whether I thought something was an “important” issues.  All that mattered was that they thought it was important enough to write about…. I mean I write tons of things that no one ever cares about, but I do it because I like doing it.

Overall: I liked this event and I think if you are in the DC area checking out a DC youth slam should definitely be on your list of things to do!

a youth poet rocking the stage. 

There is some mad power in having a couple of 100 words creates a response in the audience.  

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