Sunday, February 3, 2013

Rhino Season

Day 1:
My original plan was to go to National Museum of the American Indian with Rachel and her parents to see Maya Angelou speak… but dueto my own lack of time management I was stuck in a line that wrapped around thebuilding (the building that I was toldwas 3 blocks large) as you can imagine I was not one of the lucky 615individuals to get a sit or even get admitted into the building. 
Sure, I was slightly disappointed but I knew that they willprobably post the video of this online afterwards and my life would go on.

This wasn’t the first time my original 28 things in 28 days plan fell through and since I’m quick on myfeet I pulled out my smart phone and decided to head to the Freer Galleries tosee a film that was part of their Iranian Film festival.

I have gone to the Freer/Sackler before to see plenty of films.  Sometimes I love them and sometimes I’m leftchecking my watch wondering when it will be over.
But this Friday was the busiest I have ever seen thistheater… completely filled to the point where I had to sit in a row between two differentgroups of folks.
My first reaction was “thishas to be good if this many people are going to come and see this film on acold Friday.”

And it didn’t disappoint. 

the film was moving and made me think... and the cinematography was amazing. 

But I do have to admit I only understood 75% of this film, itwas filled with symbolism and the last 30 minutes I spent being confused.  I thought I was doing a great job followingthe movie and I thought I understood it, but great cinema needs to throw you acouple of moments where you are just beyond confused.
…. wait did you reallyjust crash your car into a pool full of rhinos…. wait, now you are in a largebody of water and the rhinos disappeared. I’m confused… what did I miss. …

the ending and last 25% of it made me want to watch it again... there is nothing like a confusing ending that makes you appreciate the film more.  Not only do I want to see it again I want to read some of the poems featured in the film. 

good job.

Here is the preview for the film… maybe it will be on Netflixsomeday. And then watch it!

As a side note: I’mpretty sure this was the first of the two year full of events where I was hiton… but maybe he was just talking to me. If anything it was the first movie or even any museum event where asemi-good looking man decided to talk to me before the start of thefilm/lecture.   

as always I will be posting updates on each days activity on this blog, but for more immediate updates check my twitter (@ksloss) #28things or instagram (@ksloss) 

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