Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Metro Diner, Beach, and Which Wich

My last real day in Florida and part of my 28 things in 28 days challenge
Event 11:

Started the day off with a late lunch with Kinsey, her BF, and cousin Andrew at a place I was told, “you know it was featured on an episode of one of those food shows.” 
We headed to “Metro Diner” and ordered our late breakfast.
The food was large and delicious… and almost everywhere in Jacksonville lets you take your soda to go.  You have to love America!
so much food. 

Then we headed to the beach.  It was 70 out and I had to at least see it. 

The beach where we didn’t get in the water or touch the sand… but it was still the beach!

As the day went on we went and hung out with my nephew and niece for a little bit where we got our exercise in when the 3 year old decided to teach us a new game where we jump and then we have to stand on one leg when he blows the imaginary whistle. 
After taking this picture he told me that he wanted to take pictures and that I was in charge. 

We also played real games such as “Hi Ho! Cherry-O” where he either won or where no one won… the words “this isn’t a race” was said a lot by him.

After some quality time with my favorite 3 year old, us adults headed to Which Wich for a little college throw back and a delicious sandwich.
like Pita Pit, but different. 

On Monday morning I left for DC where my flight was delayed for about 2 hours in Atlanta because of bad weather.  (That was a first!)
And by the time I got back to DC all I wanted to do was lounge around and watch TV.
I’m not counting Monday as a day full of new things… but it is a good thing I’ve doubled up on a couple of days already.  

as always I will be posting updates on each days activity on this blog, but for more immediate updates check my twitter (@ksloss) #28things or instagram (@ksloss) 

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