Saturday, February 16, 2013

Jax Roller Derby, Beers, and Sisters

Event 10: Saturday

This eventful day started when Andrew and I searched and searched for a bar that was open at 4pm on a Saturday (seriously, do places in jax not have late afternoon brunch?)

When we finally wondered into NorthStar Substation and grabbed our spots at the bar -the empty bar- we were immediately greeted by two ladies who were originally from Iowa (they liked my Raygun Captain Kirk t-shirt) and how can you not like meeting strangers from Iowa in Florida?

We ordered our beers and the 18 years old bartender who was allergic to hops tried her best to suggest some local beers for us… I thought she did a decent job considering her age and that she can't even drink the beer, but her mom was grilling her with questions about the different styles and brands...
I’m not an expert, but I think if you are 18 and working as a bartender knowing the difference between the beers is not why people want to order from you. 

An additional perk to this bar was the free Jell-O shot we got for checking in on foursquare… a shot both Andrew and I had trouble mean you’re not supposed to chew the jell-o like a hamburger?
I liked that they clearly stated the price of their alcohol... I'll start off with the best and move up to the cheap.  

Up next we headed off to the Jacksonville Roller Derby to cheer on some Jacksonville ladies running into other Jacksonville Ladies. 
Well that is what I thought, until I walked in and noticed that they were “playing” against DC!  
How awesome.  I’m in Florida, but I get to cheer on my "home" team!

I'm basically a super fan! 
Go DC All Stars!

Needless to say Jacksonville slaughtered the DC all stars… my guess is because Duval ladies are scary: They even have a gun as their logo, the ultimate "Don't mess with me!"----->

During their halftime they had a children and adult balloon drop where four lucky ballons had prizes in them! We obviously had to participated. 
And in a shocking turn of events Andrew and I were two of the four people who won tickets to the next Jax Roller derby. 
And since I’m nice and b/c I don't live in Jax I put Kinsey’s name down.
I actually found the winning heart on the ground... I probably stole it from a kid.  Oops. 

After waiting 15+ minutes for my delicious ICEE we headed to pick up Kassie (aka Actuary mom)  and to meet up with Kinsey at a local brewery, Intuition, which was having an all day Equality Fest. 
An event they never would have attended without me.

They had balloons, live music, and draft beers.  
Three pretty sisters 
I want to call this "techno live music"... it was....ummm...interesting

Once the event ended we decided to head to another local brewery, Bold City Brewery, two blocks away for a couple of more drinks.

Andrew got his free flight of beers, we played Mega-Jenga, and a game of "make up your own rules" Scattergories. 

Kinsey... just has to ruin everything. 

You would think our night would have ended with that... but no.  Somehow we convinced Kassie to stay out with us and we headed to Mellow Mushroom (Kinsey's favorite place in the world) for late night food and another round of drinks. 

The pizza Kassie and I split... as you can see Kassie orded the pizza wrong by getting it with half veggies. 

also, this happened: Andrew and Kinsey rocking out to Miley's "Party in the USA" 

as always I will be posting updates on each days activity on this blog, but for more immediate updates check my twitter (@ksloss) #28things or instagram (@ksloss) 

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