Friday, February 22, 2013

Galentines Day!

Galentines Day is an amazing idea started by Leslie Knop on Parks and Recreation.  A day where you celebrate all your “Lady Friends.”

And thanks to Rachel quick thinking and the use of a tapas/sangria groupon we not only had a spot, we had bottomless Sangrias, and awesome “lady friends” who wanted to come.

We headed to Recess* in downtown DC where we were the only ones who had the idea to celebrate “Galentines Day”… the restaurant was dead.  
There was one other table of four girls, but they had nothing on our group of seven. 
lovely ladies: Andi, Sarah, Katie, Rachel, Me, Ettay, and Ari!

The night started and ended a little shaky, but we are strong beautiful ladies and we can handle it.

When they told us our Groupon would only cover 4 of us, even though it stated it would cover 4+, we handled it like pros.
And when the hostess took one of our umbrellas, even though they had extras, we handled that like a person who can carry a living person inside of them for 9 month… yep, like a pro.

Sangrias... yummm

As you can image the service and experience wasn’t great. 
But all of that didn’t matter because we were there to celebrate how awesome we all are and smoother each other in compliments! 
and who doesn't want to play catch-up over Sangrias and finger food?

and plus Katie made us some delicious cookies and gave us all awesome/thoughtful card

I am already looking forward to next year!

* I normally don't hold grudges against restaurants .. but I would suggest you had to another Tapas bar if you are in the mood for some.  The food wasn't bad and the sangrias were good, but the service was horrible. 
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