Friday, February 15, 2013

Florida Take 1: G, birthday, live music, and palm trees

A post in conjunction with my 2013: 28 things in 28 days challenge. 
My trip to Florida provided a ton of new experience!
Yes, I understand that these events are not DC focusedbut they are still new to me and new to 2013. 
And to be completely fair -and to try to follow my own rules- I’m counting everyday as only one new event.

My Thursday was filled with a job interview (fingers still crossed), packing at the last second, and flying.  But when I arrived in Jax Kinsey suggested food and drinks at a local Mexican restaurant.

and with that I have my 8th event of the month:
Event 8: getting Margaritas with Kinsey... I can't recall ever getting Margaritas with her before. 
and plus it was her very late birthday weekend and even if it was a school night it was an added perk to being in florida after spending my day flying. 
Margaritas and Mexican.... yummm

Friday (event 9):
Was a day devoted to my awesome three-year-old nephew Maxwell (G). 
To begin the day I picked him up from his Jewish preschool and participated in Shabbat.  They have it every Friday and it appears to just be an excuse to sing and dance and to learn a little about Judaism.

And since I was a special guest I got to “bless” the Challah with Max. 

After Shabbat we went to McDonalds and my favorite Aunt status was reconfirmed with nuggets and smoothies.  A great -some may say the best- treat for a three year old!

And to make the day even better we played outside, went on a bear hunt, and the longest neighborhood walk of his life.
Yeah, I’m definitely the favorite.
on the bear hunt in the backyard

don't tell his mom that I let him ride his "bike" this far in front of me. 

Friday ended with some “adult” time with Kinsey and my cousin Andrew (who recently moved to Florida) where we went to a local bar that had live music. 
Live music: a very typical 28 thing. 
So win!
here Kinsey and I are looking cute like always!
one of the two bands 

Other highlights of the night: we wondered around downtown Jacksonville for a bit and I realized how easy it is to climb a big palm tree and we also danced our socks off. 
Palm tree: 0 me: 1

coming up: updates on my other 3 days in florida. 

as always I will be posting updates on each days activity on this blog, but for more immediate updates check my twitter (@ksloss) #28things or instagram (@ksloss) 

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