Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Dangerously Delicious Pie

It is no secret that I love live music in small public areas… it reminds me of my college days when we would go to BoJames (Glenn Live!) on Thursdays or to Fieldhouse on Fridays and drink our big beers and tell the guy with his guitar to play our favorite 90’s songs.  You know folks who are just happy to be playing music and could care less about making money from it. 

On my search to find something to do on this particularly Tuesday I saw that Dangerously Delicious Pie on HstNE has live music every week…. So clearly I had to go.

The guy performing this week had a guitar and an amazing beard.  He was from southern Maryland… and I’ll admit Southern Maryland isn’t very specific, but he was very proud of that fact.  So I’ll let it be.
He had his act together and even had CDs for sale and sang a whole array of original blue/acoustic/bluegrass songs.
a pretty dark photo... I clearly was lacking in my photography skills.

The music was great and they were even giving away tickets to a show at the 9:30 club… considering there was only a handful of us there I had a great chance of winning them (sadly I didn’t, but I’ll live). 

The one thing I didn’t do right was I didn’t get a piece of pie.  I had a delicious grilled cheese sandwich a couple of hours before from RFD in Chinatown.
Yes, I did feel a little awkward that I wasn’t eating a pie and spent an hour drinking the beer I got… but at the same time if they really needed the counter space I would have left -or even ordered a piece of pie, next time.  
Half of the pies on the counter... they all looked delicious 

My only complaint about this experience was the amount of couples there, but I get that you generally don’t go and get pie by yourself you would probably go as a couple on a date.  
They do have a great Date Night Special where you can get 2 slices of savory pie, 2 sweet, and 2 beers for $20... a great buy if I wasn't there solo.  
And my couple complaint is really just about one couple who made me move for they could sit next to each other even though there were two empty spots on the other side of me.  But I’m over that.

After I didn’t win the tickets and the music ended I headed off to my new favorite hole in the wall place The Pug and enjoyed some cheap Natty Boh.   All around a great Tuesday!

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