Sunday, January 13, 2013

Cold, IPAs, Cats, and Sangrias

365 day photo challenge: week 2. 

January 7:

I’ve had a slight cold since before Christmas and like the majority of Americans I posted a picture of cold medicine online to show the world that my problems matter. 
Listen to me! And care that I have a cold!

January 8:
At around 6pm I hade the realization that I completely forgot to eat that day (remember the me having a cold thing) and since I was already out of the house I went to Star and Shamrock for a quick dinner and one of their delicious beers.  While I was there I ended up having more then one beer and became temporary BFFs with the bartender and person sitting next to me.
They both confirmed that I probably should get my cough checked out… instead I thought this nice IPA would make it go away. (Rookie mistake)

January 9:
A day devoted to writing resumes and cover letters.

January 10:
A night of Sangrias, tapas, cheap beer, and some great –natgeo- friends.
I love these girls and they were the only reason I survived as long as I did at the museum.

January 11:
We now have two stray cats that hang outside my house... I know the patio furniture is comfy, but I would like to wait until I'm 30 before I become a cat lady.  

January 12:
I bought 4 items at the grocery store: eggs, orange juice, bread, and spaghetti sauce.
I dropped the eggs while I was checking out at Safeway.
I bought the wrong kind of bread.
The Orange Juice has extra pulp (yuck).
I haven’t tested the spaghetti sauce yet.

But here I am enjoying some of my pulpy orange juice with a bottle of left over “champagne” form New Years.
Making my day that much better. 

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