Sunday, January 20, 2013

Brats, Poetry, drinks, ice cream, and buttons

365 photo challenge Jan 13- 19.... enjoy this lovely snapshot into my awesome life. 

January 13:
There are occasional perks of living with guys and this picture is proof of that.  Here my roommates decided to make some beer bratwurst… delicious!

January 14:
Beltway Poetry: Women of the World Poetry Slam.  They normally hold this event in the beginning of February and I have actually gone the past two years during my 28things 28 days challenge.  I felt like I needed to go again this year again. Always motivational and full of talented ladies. 

January 15:
The place Rachel, Katie, and I decided to go for Thai food (The Old Siam) had awesome happy hour prices for these wicked very girly drinks… basically alcohol and fruit juice.

January 16:
A downfall of living with guys is that they never have ice cream! More importantly anyone who knows me knows that I’m completely indecisive when it comes to picking out things like this… I spent ten minutes trying to find the best flavor to get.

January 17:
My dad wanted me to pick up some 2013 inauguration buttons for him and his friends… I decided to go to the "Official Inauguration" store where they had a button for what seemed like every profession. 
It was crazy.   

January 18:
Roommate Brad is in the Marine Band and we went to go see some of his friends play in a cover band (The Gunners Perry) at Port City Brewing Company in Alexandria.  I’m always a sucker for good music and this delicious Porter cost me a reasonable $4.00. 
All around wins.

January 19:
Allison and a couple of her friends came down to Hst to bar hope and experience the love and joy that is HstNE.  I convinced them to go to one of my favorites, Sova, and snapped this picture.
Yes the image quality isn't great and everyone seems to have red eyes, but it sums up the experience. 
A house party feel in a bar: 90's music, dancing, couches, and the creepy guy hitting on everyone that walks in -wink wink-. 

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