Saturday, January 5, 2013

365 Photo Challenge

I’m not much for new years resolution and I’m normally not the type of person to give into a 365 day challenge. 
But I have always wanted to try the 365 photo challenge. 
So I’m trying it and if one day I wake up in June and decide to give up on it… then that was that.

Things that are fact
1) I’m not a photographer
2) I take 95% of my photos with my phone
3) I take pictures of my food/coffee/alcoholic beverages more then I would like to admit.
4) I'm okay with not taking the photos, I'm more interested in having my life document for a year

I’m also not sure if I hope to gain anything from this “challenge” I honestly just think it will be cool to have the 365 images at the end of the year.

January 1: New Years Day

This photo was taken moments after midnight.  I told Katie and Rachel "lets take a fun picture." Rachel picked the option of drinking... her later reaction was "I was just being true to my character."
I love these girls. 

January 2:
Over the New Year we had two German girls that my Roommate Brad knows visiting us.  They are these two amazing girls full of energy and full of entertainment.  There is almost always a video camera in one of their hands and here they are watching a video on Brad's iPhone. 
Having them around makes me realize why I sometimes miss having girl roommates.  

January 3:

I moved to DC on August 20, 2010.  I have always had my Iowa license and decided that January 2013 (2.5 years later) was a good time to switch my cars plates and license to a DC one.  Overall I spent a good portion of my day at the DMV patiently waiting for A038 to be called. 

January 4:
I spent my day walking around with the National Mall with the two German girls, but ended my night at Lucky Bar with some old Natgeo Museum friends.  Andi (the girl we are holding in the picture) started working at natgeo the same time as me (May 2011) and is the last of our starting group of  six to leave the postion as a VSR.  
In this picture we are leaving the bar around 11pm and instead of taking a normal pic I convinced Jarryd and Zack (currentVSRs) to pick her up with me. 
lots of fun and these folks are half the reason I'm not ready to leave DC. 

Also my sister Kassie (aka Actuary Mom) is also doing the 365 day photo. 
there are some facts about her:
1) she has a fancy camera
2) she has two adorable kids.
3) She drinks more Starbucks then me
4) There will probably never be a photo of Kassie on her blog

Read/look at her photos here 

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