Wednesday, January 30, 2013

2013: 28 things in 28 days

Anyone who has talked to me recently -or even in the past three years- knows that I like filling my Februarys up with a crazy amount of  DC cultural events and this year will be no different. 
This year will mark my 3rd annual “28 things in 28 days.”

The challenges I have faced back in 2011 were finding friends to go with me, but I was semi-new to the city and took the challenge head on.
The challenge back in 2012 was finding new things that I actually wanted to do.  I had already seen museum exhibits and explored my city. 

But this year I have decided to embrace why I wanted to do this in the first place: 
to (re)discover how great of a city DC can be.

I will be following the same rules as back in 2011: 

Do 28 different things that I normally wouldn’t do in 28 days.
1) It has to be 28 different things. 
2) I can take a day/night off as long as I double up one day/night.  
3) They have to be “sort-of… kind-of” DC-ish.  Meaning that it has to be something that I may not have the opportunity to do on a regularly basis in Iowa.

But this year I’m emphasizing more on the goal “28 things that I normally wouldn’t do in 28 days.”  Try something new and more importantly get out of the house, there is no reason I need to watch as much Criminal Minds as I do. 

Of course I am facing two major challenges this year that will make 2013 far different from my previous two years:

1) I’m currently unemployed which should make this easy, but there is always the possibility that I might start a new job and how will I handle a new work schedule and trying to complete my goal of doing 28 different things?  I challenge I will happily accept. 

2) I’m also going to be in Florida for five days.  Do I force Kinsey or Kassie to go to 5 different Jacksonville things with me?  Or do I double up a couple of days to keep my trend true to the original DC rules?

I have been unsuccessful in the past to have anyone complete this goal with me, but I encourage you all to try your own version of 28 things in 28 days.

Maybe go to the gym 28 times
Have 28 mini-goals
Simply leave the house everyday
Apply for 28 jobs
Do what I did in 2010 and give up alcohol for the month of February.
Drink 28 bottles of wine/beer

It is the shortest month but there is so much you can accomplish in 28 days!
And I guarantee you will be happy you did it. 

An image from the American Art/Portart Gallery when seeing "Modern Time" last year.  This year they are playing the "Artist" on February 20th... whose in? 

as always I will be posting updates on each days activity on this blog, but for more immediate updates check my twitter (@ksloss) #28things or instagram (@ksloss) 

read about my 2011 year challenge here
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