Wednesday, January 30, 2013

2013: 28 things in 28 days

Anyone who has talked to me recently -or even in the past three years- knows that I like filling my Februarys up with a crazy amount of  DC cultural events and this year will be no different. 
This year will mark my 3rd annual “28 things in 28 days.”

The challenges I have faced back in 2011 were finding friends to go with me, but I was semi-new to the city and took the challenge head on.
The challenge back in 2012 was finding new things that I actually wanted to do.  I had already seen museum exhibits and explored my city. 

But this year I have decided to embrace why I wanted to do this in the first place: 
to (re)discover how great of a city DC can be.

I will be following the same rules as back in 2011: 

Do 28 different things that I normally wouldn’t do in 28 days.
1) It has to be 28 different things. 
2) I can take a day/night off as long as I double up one day/night.  
3) They have to be “sort-of… kind-of” DC-ish.  Meaning that it has to be something that I may not have the opportunity to do on a regularly basis in Iowa.

But this year I’m emphasizing more on the goal “28 things that I normally wouldn’t do in 28 days.”  Try something new and more importantly get out of the house, there is no reason I need to watch as much Criminal Minds as I do. 

Of course I am facing two major challenges this year that will make 2013 far different from my previous two years:

1) I’m currently unemployed which should make this easy, but there is always the possibility that I might start a new job and how will I handle a new work schedule and trying to complete my goal of doing 28 different things?  I challenge I will happily accept. 

2) I’m also going to be in Florida for five days.  Do I force Kinsey or Kassie to go to 5 different Jacksonville things with me?  Or do I double up a couple of days to keep my trend true to the original DC rules?

I have been unsuccessful in the past to have anyone complete this goal with me, but I encourage you all to try your own version of 28 things in 28 days.

Maybe go to the gym 28 times
Have 28 mini-goals
Simply leave the house everyday
Apply for 28 jobs
Do what I did in 2010 and give up alcohol for the month of February.
Drink 28 bottles of wine/beer

It is the shortest month but there is so much you can accomplish in 28 days!
And I guarantee you will be happy you did it. 

An image from the American Art/Portart Gallery when seeing "Modern Time" last year.  This year they are playing the "Artist" on February 20th... whose in? 

as always I will be posting updates on each days activity on this blog, but for more immediate updates check my twitter (@ksloss) #28things or instagram (@ksloss) 

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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Inauguration, cheesy fries, free beer, snow, and American Art

365 photo challenge Jan 20- 26.... enjoy this lovely snapshot into my awesome life. 

January 20:
I hung out with Allison on the Saturday night prior to the 19th… but we took this picture after midnight so it counts.
seriously, this girl is one of my favorites 

January 21:
Or we could just say inauguration 2013.  It was this amazing/crazy experience that I think everyone should experience once in his or her life.  The National Mall was packed and everyone was filled with this excitement.  I have never stood in lines as large and long as the ones I did for inauguration, but I just didn't care and no one around me cared.  
Everyone was just happy to be there... who cares that we couldn't actually see the president, but we were still a small part of history.  
And they were giving away free american flags! 

January 22:
I love cheesy fries and needless to say I’ve been craving them and I sort-of filled the void with these from Steak and Ice.

January 23:
More cheese fries… well kind-of these were Shepard fries, but they still had cheese and from Star and Shamrock.  ( I never promised great pictures) (I also have really bad eating habits)

January 24:
I have a favorite thing to do on Hst NE in DC and that is to go to bluegrass at sova on Thursdays night. 
This night I got a free beer because I am quote “the only person who tweets or response to their tweets”
Five dollar saved! Greatest thing ever.
(almost as good as the five dollars I found on the sidewalk on my walk home)

January 25:
It snowed in DC.  The first real snowfall and people freaked out… this photo was me walking to the grocery store mid “snow storm” you will notice the lack of real snow in this picture. 

January 26:
I love the American Art Museum and National Portrait Gallery.  One of the main reason is they are open until 7pm, they have free wifi, and lots of places to sit down and search the web. 
I spent today applying for jobs with a better backdrop then my bedroom. 

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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Brats, Poetry, drinks, ice cream, and buttons

365 photo challenge Jan 13- 19.... enjoy this lovely snapshot into my awesome life. 

January 13:
There are occasional perks of living with guys and this picture is proof of that.  Here my roommates decided to make some beer bratwurst… delicious!

January 14:
Beltway Poetry: Women of the World Poetry Slam.  They normally hold this event in the beginning of February and I have actually gone the past two years during my 28things 28 days challenge.  I felt like I needed to go again this year again. Always motivational and full of talented ladies. 

January 15:
The place Rachel, Katie, and I decided to go for Thai food (The Old Siam) had awesome happy hour prices for these wicked very girly drinks… basically alcohol and fruit juice.

January 16:
A downfall of living with guys is that they never have ice cream! More importantly anyone who knows me knows that I’m completely indecisive when it comes to picking out things like this… I spent ten minutes trying to find the best flavor to get.

January 17:
My dad wanted me to pick up some 2013 inauguration buttons for him and his friends… I decided to go to the "Official Inauguration" store where they had a button for what seemed like every profession. 
It was crazy.   

January 18:
Roommate Brad is in the Marine Band and we went to go see some of his friends play in a cover band (The Gunners Perry) at Port City Brewing Company in Alexandria.  I’m always a sucker for good music and this delicious Porter cost me a reasonable $4.00. 
All around wins.

January 19:
Allison and a couple of her friends came down to Hst to bar hope and experience the love and joy that is HstNE.  I convinced them to go to one of my favorites, Sova, and snapped this picture.
Yes the image quality isn't great and everyone seems to have red eyes, but it sums up the experience. 
A house party feel in a bar: 90's music, dancing, couches, and the creepy guy hitting on everyone that walks in -wink wink-. 

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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Cold, IPAs, Cats, and Sangrias

365 day photo challenge: week 2. 

January 7:

I’ve had a slight cold since before Christmas and like the majority of Americans I posted a picture of cold medicine online to show the world that my problems matter. 
Listen to me! And care that I have a cold!

January 8:
At around 6pm I hade the realization that I completely forgot to eat that day (remember the me having a cold thing) and since I was already out of the house I went to Star and Shamrock for a quick dinner and one of their delicious beers.  While I was there I ended up having more then one beer and became temporary BFFs with the bartender and person sitting next to me.
They both confirmed that I probably should get my cough checked out… instead I thought this nice IPA would make it go away. (Rookie mistake)

January 9:
A day devoted to writing resumes and cover letters.

January 10:
A night of Sangrias, tapas, cheap beer, and some great –natgeo- friends.
I love these girls and they were the only reason I survived as long as I did at the museum.

January 11:
We now have two stray cats that hang outside my house... I know the patio furniture is comfy, but I would like to wait until I'm 30 before I become a cat lady.  

January 12:
I bought 4 items at the grocery store: eggs, orange juice, bread, and spaghetti sauce.
I dropped the eggs while I was checking out at Safeway.
I bought the wrong kind of bread.
The Orange Juice has extra pulp (yuck).
I haven’t tested the spaghetti sauce yet.

But here I am enjoying some of my pulpy orange juice with a bottle of left over “champagne” form New Years.
Making my day that much better. 

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