Thursday, November 29, 2012

Bryce Canyons, Capitol Reef, and Canyonlands National Parks

You would think that Blogging and going on a solo cross country road trip would have been easier then it was, but there were a couple of key factors in my way
1) the lack of great cell service
2) the lack of someone else driving when I had great service.
At first I would write out post at restaurants when I stopped to get food, but as a solo traveler and as a solo eater you tend to get your food a lot quicker then when you order in a group. 

Then I transitioned into writing post in my tent at night, but that only lasted a short time because I would either be too tired or want to stare at the amazing stars Utah had to offer.

But if you really think about all of this all you have to say is “Kelsey- stop making excuses you have been back in DC for over a month now and haven’t updated your blog since Zion.”
And instead of boring you all with lots of words here is a quick post of three more National Parks and I promise to update the rest of the trip in the coming days.


Bryce Canyons National Park:
I went on what was called was the "World's Best three mile hike." I enjoyed it but it was definitely one of those times where there was so many people around at the entrance and exit of the hike that it took away from the personal victory I was having for finishing. 

I also went on my first ranger talk at this park.  It was about how transportation has changed the way the parks operate... pretty interesting to think that that the first National Parks opened long before cars were invented.  My simple month long journey would have taken years in the 1920's. 

Capitol Reef National Park:

I stopped here because the guy I meet in Washington told me that they have an orchard where you can pick your own fruit.  Unfortunately I was too late in the season, but it was crazy seeing trees in the middle of the canyon walls. 

I learned a crazy amount about myself on the cliffs at Capitol Reef and even if it wasn't my favorite I loved it.  

Canyonlands National Park:

my friend James use to work here and gave me a handful of hikes to go, but more importantly he would describe this place as "heaven on earth"... it was very easy to see why.

seriously, crazy beautiful!