Sunday, October 14, 2012



I like when you register for a campsite for two nights in a row.. It just leaves you with a feeling of no worries. It will be there when I get back and I don't have to worry about setting it up when I'm done exploring.

I was headed to Yosemite valley first. I drove around the lope they have and snapped one too many photos. No real hiking just short little cement covered paths... But like all national parks it was still beautiful.

This was my first time seeing gigantic rock walls... I'm not sure if that is the correct term, but who cares.
After walking around and spending twenty minutes trying to find a trail that turned out to be a stream ( pause for judgment) I went up to glacier point.

To arrive to this place is a serious of curvy roads that drop of into nothing-ness... (I could once again vent about Yosemite drivers but I won't) and lead you up to one of the most magnificent views ever.
I mean ever.

After the traditional glacier point view I headed on a trail that literally lead up to the top of a big rock... I finally understood the "go climb a rock" bumper stickers.
but more importantly I was beginning to learn the excitement that comes along with pushing yourself to a limit.
I had no idea what would be on top of that rock... All I knew is I wanted to be one of those tiny ant sized humans on the top. Sure it was tough and my body wasn't ready to climb it... But I needed to do it

The view from this rock was absolutely amazing and one of those places you could just sit forever... Everywhere you looked you discovered something new. Awesome.

After that I headed back to my campsite, gathered a bunch of sticks, started a fire, and enjoyed the night.

That night I had no idea where I was headed the next morning... I had been living with out service on my phone and couldn't remember if I planned to head more south or if my next stop was Las Vegas / Hoover dam?
That night I didn't care. I was going to live life in true road trip fashion.

When I woke up for some reason I didn't want to explore California any more and I followed the road out of Yosemite the eastern route to Nevada.

Also I paid the most for gas inside Yosemite park... At a rate of $5.00 a gallon. I only put $20 in and the next time I saw a gas station it was the closest I have ever let my gas tank get to E... Don't tell my dad

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