Saturday, October 13, 2012

Yosemite camping

After San Fran traffic... I didn't care about rules all I wanted was ice cream and to get to Yosemite.
So that night I had beef jerky and a McFlurry for dinner. It was delicious!

When I arrived at Yosemite it was about 6. And being the uninformed national park visitor that I was I didn't research the camp grounds until I arrived at the place. The location the lady at the entrance counter recommended was $20 a night and I saw plenty of places on the map that were $12 with water and $10 with out water. I was going to try the 12 dollar location.
After driving around for a good thirty minutes I realized I passed it... At this point I was upset with myself and even more upset with drivers at Yosemite... I could vent for a very long time about how I hate when people pass me in national parks. The speed limit is 45 for a reason. (And don't get me started on how the majority of Americans do not know how to use their brights correctly)

But anyways... I found the campground! And after pulling in it turned out to be closed. And after looking at the map it stated it was closed after Labor Day .
Off to the next campground. This time I was willing to pay the 20 and pulled into a site. It didn't have the normal "register here" sign and I assumed I would find it later.

Of course I take my time setting up my tent and securing my food (at Yosemite they don't allow you to leave food in your car and you have to secure it all in a bear safe container that is provided... I suppose Yosemite bears are smart enough to break into your car, but yellowstone bears are not.)
I then decided to walk to the entrance of the campsite. For those of you who have camped before your are probably familiar with the self-registration. But for those of you who are not they normally have a container filled with envelopes where you fill out your information and leave your money in a slot.
There was no envelope or slot for money.... And then I read the sign more closely.
It stated that this was for pre registered folks only and to register at the registration desk at the front of the park if you need to make one.
The registration desk closes at 9 and it was a little after 9.
I had two thoughts "just leave your tent and register tomorrow"
"Realize your mistake and take down your tent and move to a new location"
I did the second one... I looked like a fool. But what was a girl to do?

I then quickly drove to the next "first come self registration" site I saw.
Perks: it was only ten a night and they had opened spots
Downfalls: no running water.

I re-set up my tent paid for two nights and was off to bed.
All and all I was much happier with the campground that was placed on a dirt road three miles from the main road.
Less people. Less noise.
I also felt like I was getting major camping life points for staying at a places without running water.

But for those of you planning on staying at Yosemite campground I found it to be confusing and by far one of the most confusing national parks campgrounds.

Tomorrow: actually exploring Yosemite!

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