Friday, October 12, 2012

San Francisco

Up until this point I have been following the directions to the GPS my lovely sister Kaci let me borrow. I forgot that I had the setting to avoid toll roads on.
This story begins and ends with that little fact... And did you know the suburbs of San Francisco are scary? Yeah me either until the sign read 5 miles to San Francisco and the GPS read 100 miles.
After a mini-driving freak out I figured it out and was headed into the city. Where I parked my car for an hour and walked around.
I got some coffee and felt uncool and very unhipster-ish in my gap shorts.

After about thirty minutes I passed my car and added some money to the meter and walked by the water. Where I snapped some more photos and ate at In-n-out burger for the first time.
I wasn't impressed. It was just a normal burger and fries... Fries that I didn't really like. I prefer my five guys.

And up next was the Golden Gate Bridge... It was foggy and I haven't decided if that makes it better or worse. But it was still impressive and something that I have always wanted to do (thanks full house).

After that I was off for another two hour stressful drive away from the city. Never again will I go to San Francisco with a car. I will wait until I visit in a plane.

Up next Yosemite

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