Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Oregon and Crater Lake

I left Olympic national park and my next planned stop was crater lake. The friend the night before pointed out to me that it was an 8 hour drive and I should split it up in two days (remember the arrive at our campsite by 4 rule).

So I took my time. I went for a morning hike at Olympic (one the guy also recommended) and headed off to Oregon following the 101 south bound.
The scary factors of the road was taken away by the fact that I was literally following the coast. Amazing.

Oregon was the place that I first put my feet in the water (well I'm 90% sure it was Oregon) and I saw the sunset on the coast for the first time.
Absolutely beautiful.

The two camping sites I planned on staying at were full and before I knew it it was dark.
And I was on a dark road with no idea where I was headed. This was my first mini-freak out of the trip. I won't go in to details.... But getting lost in Oregon at night on a road that had multiple one lane bridges is not anywhere on on my want to do again list.

But let's forget that.
The next day I was a camping pro!
I arrived at Crater Lake (scroll down look at pics). it is the deepest lake in the United States and I was told it was the most purified.. You could literally go up and drink the water. Well you would have to climb down and get to the water first.

crazy blue!

I arrived at my site before four. At this point it was the most I had paid for a camping site (22).
I went for a hike and finished it completely. Got back to my campsite, started a fire right away, and cooked my first actual meal on the fire (corn and potatoes).
I also enjoyed a *couple* of S'mores and a *couple* of glasses of wine. (After the previous night my friend James informed me that drinking and camping go hand and hand.. So why not).

Over all Oregon was a camping success in my book

And for those of you unaware of my friend James. He is a guy I met that last summer I was living in Iowa and he has spent the past three years (my guess) working for the national park service. He had provided me with tons of advice and I can't thank him enough... He will probably be mentioned a lot more in my upcoming post.

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