Monday, October 15, 2012


As soon as I entered into Nevada I realized my mistake... There was so much more to Cali that I wanted to see. But I reminded myself what the old man at yellowstone told me "you're young you have plenty of cruises in front of you."
I have the rest of my life to explore Southern California.

I also really just wanted to avoid Death Valley at this point I did not trust my car and had no desire to drive through a place know as "death valley."

After a quick text to my friend James he asked if I was close to two places in Nevada... And I was only close to the one: extraterrestrial highway.
He actually texted me right when I was deciding what route too take. So I decided to drive down the road next to Area 51 where people report all the time of weird stuff happening... Yes I did this by myself knowing that I was probably going to end up on the 5 o'clock news. I even told James that I was going to blame him if my car broke down.

I'm obviously still alive and I saw nothing weird and nothing weird happened to me. (Sad I know).
They had a neat little sign and a box where you could leave letters to the aliens... I only took a pic, sadly I didn't think to write a letter.

Overall the drive was pleasant... No curves, no mountains, no people, etc... The way driving should be.
Well without those darn open range cattle.

After seeing only one camping sign from Yosemite to Las Vegas I decided to stay in a hotel and while I was sitting in the parking lot of a holiday inn on the outskirts of town I decided to check hotel rates on rooms actually in Vegas. I found a cheap one (the cheapest I have paid for a hotel room on this trip) and booked it.

Vegas was great in theory: cheap drinks, live country music, and I made friends with a young couple from Las Vegas and an old man in a cowboy hat... And that is all I want to remember about that place.
Vegas was way too busy for me and all around it is the one regret I have on this trip (well so far).

Also I lost $25.00.. Lame, super lame.
And I didn't eat at a buffet. Double super lame.

The *cough* next day I headed out I see the Hoover Dam. I saw it once when my older sister Kassie got married but wanted to refresh my memory about the place. Sadly all I did was take pictures... The tour cost money and I didn't really care to re go on it. But I should probably re-thanks my aunt and uncle for taking me there the first time.

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