Monday, October 15, 2012

Grand Canyon

I arrived around the area on a Saturday night (always breaking my 4:00 o'clock rule) and the campground was full... But it was also national lands day which meant that the established national forest campsite I decided to camp at was also free!
*technically you can always camp in national forest for free if you care to live without a toilet and don't mind just parking your car on the side of a gravel road and picking an un-established spot. (I do not care to do that... But someday when I go camping not by myself maybe I'll try it)

My campsite had vault toilets, assigned spots, tables, fire pits, and places where you could fill your water bottles up.
I actually had a rookie camping moment here where I wasn't paying attention to where I was going and hit my toe on a rock... I was very concerned about a bear attacking me bc of the blood... But as with everything I'm still alive. (And my sister showed very little concern when I sent them a picture).

The next day I paid way to much for McDonalds breakfast (I figured I deserved it after the toe thing) and headed into the park.
I got a nice camping spot by the east entrance and went off exploring.

The sites were obviously amazing and it is the one place I had memories of learning about in school... But it was crowded and unless you wanted to hike down the canyon there wasn't much else to do.
And I wasn't going to hike... If you hike down you have to hike back up. No. Thank. You.

So I spent some actually time in the visitor center and watched the videos they provide for the first time and after that I decided to do laundry. (Real exciting I know... But it needed to be done)

Then I made dinner and got a spot on the canyon to watch the sunset.
And that was AMAZING! Everyone should see the sunset on the Grand Canyon once in their life. (Preferable not by yourself and without a couple talking behind you)
But even with all of that it was worth it.

varies grand canyon pictures! 

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