Thursday, October 11, 2012

California Day Two

One of the first thing I did this second day in California was stop in Eureka California and buy a camping stove.
A couple of days prior I bought a pan and a coffee cup from goodwill with the idea that I would stop and get a stove.

I went to three different shops in Eureka looking for the one I wanted - a single burner that would fit on top of a propane tank. And each place I stopped at the people working in the stores were super helpful. I decided at that moment I would move to Northern California if I ever had to move to that area. Yes gas prices were more expensive (someone should have warned a girl) but everyone was Midwest nice with out being Midwest.


I continued my redwood experience by driving through the Avenue of Giants and snapped a bunch of pictures of trees. After a while I felt a little weird doing it... But when you see a tree called "big tree" how can you not take a picture with it.

The perk of the day was driving thru a redwood.
Originally I wasn't going to pay the 6 dollars to do it, but after a quick text to my sisters I decided I might as well.
When I pulled up to pay the guy he informed me they didn't take credit cards and after I told him I didn't have any cash. He stated "we'll I have to let you see the tree. Do you have a dollar or any change?"
So I payed him 1.50 and I drove thru a tree... I felt like a 1950s tourist. It was Awesome.
It is probably one of the perks of traveling in sept/oct... Less people and they need any business they can get.

That night I camped out at a privately owned campground. The guy checking me in was the third on this trip to make a note of concern that I was traveling by myself.
Whenever someone says something I immediately get freaked out... Think scary movie something bad only happens when someone brings it up.
But the campsite turned out to be very nice and I felt as safe as you can feel sleeping in a tent.
He also mentioned that "I was going to sleep among the redwoods tonight"... Which does sound pretty awesome.

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