Wednesday, October 10, 2012

California Day one

After my camping success I decided to enjoy California a little more and stop rushing.
My main goal that day was the redwoods. I was warned that California state parks charge $35.00 to camp and the redwoods are half national park/half state park.
But when I looked at the map I decided "whatever... I'm paying the money and sleeping on the beach."

Sure I didn't get the spots right on the beach and I had to drive 6 miles on a dirt road to get there (the dirt is still on my car to prove it) but it was worth it.

I did a very successful 2.5 miles hike amongst the redwoods where I didn't see a single other person (the way hiking should be).
Being surrounded by these trees older then our country was absolutely amazing.
Definitely a perk of my trip and something I want to do again.

At the end of my hike the first thing I saw was an elk... It actually scared me to death. I just came from bear country and was trying to quickly go through the rules of what to do if you see a bear. But this was a solo elk could have cared less that I was there. So I snapped a picture and left.
Since then I have seen lots of elk... But like the first time you see any animal in the wild it is exciting.

I also should mention the amount of hitchhikers you see in California. I have lived 26 years of life and I'm pretty sure I have never seen one before the west coast.
And the first time I saw one I wanted to take a picture: it was outside of Olympic and he had a dog and a guitar. The kind of hitchhiker you would want to pick up.

But for those of you concerned my front seat is not clear enough to have another person sit there, so no hitchhikers on this journey... But I always felt a little bad.

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