Sunday, September 30, 2012

Olympic national park

At this point my journey this has been my favorite park.
I never once got bored or overwhelmed with the crowds.
If anything it appears that good looking men flock to Washington... Not that was the reason I enjoyed my day and a half there it was really just a change of pace seeing young people for once over the older folks.

The park itself prides itself on being three parks in one:
Rain forest

And each part extended my expectations.
And each part had their own awesome trails... Ones that I found myself pushing myself to complete.

crazy beautiful.

This was also my first time meeting a fellow solo traveler... Who happened to be from Virginia and doing the opposite route as me. I appreciated all of his advice and he really made me feel like my concerns were not a big deal at all.
Greatest advice he gave me: aim to arrive at your campsite by 4 (I always try to do this but never really achieve this)
Also he reminded me that I have nothing to worry about because I'm from the Midwest and I'm alway half way home.


Also I stopped by Forks Washington... They practically make you drive through it.

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