Friday, September 21, 2012

Grand Teton, Idaho,and Crater of the moon National Monument

I wasn't planning on driving through Grand Teton but since I was so close and everyone around me was talking about it I decided to give it a try.
Which really meant one thing I would no longer be driving through the tip of Idaho and I wouldn't get to mark Montana off my list.... And I was so close!

Grand Teton decided that fall needed to arrive a couple of weeks early. Everything was the beautiful colors that you think of when you think of fall.
But besides that it was too foggy to really see anything ( it is beginning to become a trend on this trip... Smoke or fog ruins most of the beautiful scenic images.)

During the day I decided I would stay in a hotel. I was going to play my girl card and I needed to shower. I decided someplace outside of Boise.

Before heading to Boise I drove through craters of the moon national monument and it was awesome. I have (obviously) never seen volcanic features before and it was great being able to get so close.
It was definitely the one time I wanted I brake the "stay on the trail" rule. *i didn't but I wanted to*

And then I was off to Boise... Where. The 6 hotels I stopped at were booked. The last one had a room or 95 and I just couldn't justify that.
So I formed a hatred for Idaho.
And after I passed through the time zone and it was now midnight.. I did the only thing I could think of: I slept in my car. And I slept until 730 in the morning... I know I was also shocked. Apparently I was more tired then I thought.

The next day I left Oregon for Washington (state) and drove through mount rainier. The drive leading up to that was the prettiest/scariest thing ever.
I also missed my opportunity to take a picture of the actual mount rainier. The car following me decided that driving up a steep incline was the perfect time to tailgate my car.
But next time I'll stop!

I arrived in the seattle suburbs right around rush hour where I decided to hang out in a Walmart for an hour.
I drove past three targets after leaving Walmart. Fail

I stayed in a hotel. Watched some tv, showered, and slept in a bed. Glorious.

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