Friday, September 14, 2012

day two: Mt Rushmore and Wind Cave

After realizing that I tried to drive too far yesterday I decided that today I would take a more relaxed approach.

I started off at the tourist hot spot Wall Drug. Lots of shops full of stuff you want but don't need. I had breakfast at a diner there and fully enjoyed my bacon big and crispy just the way Midwest bacon should be.
And on my second day of this journey I quickly realized I am not the average age for road-trippers... But then again both me and this "older" age group are "probably" jobless so maybe I need to rethink that.

After wall drug I headed out to Mt. Rushmore (insert first group of pics).

The one thing South Dakota is great at is tourist traps ... Or at least trying to make you feel better about driving such a long way to see mt Rushmore.

I wish I had a desire to see a reptile farm, play mini golf, go to 1880 town, Santa village, etc... But I don't.
But if I ever make this journey with kids I know there will be a ton for them to do.
If I wasn't doing this trip solo and I had a person to take fun photos with I probably would have tried to stop at more of these places.

Mt Rushmore: it is what you expect it to be four faces carved into the side of a mountain. And the image you see on your postcard or on tv will always look better. But I'm glad I went for the sole reason that I never need to go again.

Also as you will see and learn from my journey I'm not the greatest at taking pictures of myself and when I get the chance for someone to take a pic of me it tends to be on my real camera and not on my phone.

I decided not to go to crazy horse... I'm still deciding if that makes me a bad person or not

Wind Cave National Park
My friend James told me to check it out if I had time bc they have the only American raised bison left in the US. When I arrived I saw no bison and at the visitor center I learned they had cave tours *given its name I should have realized*
I paid the money and waited until 330 for the tour. In reflection it was a bad idea... I had to wait about 45 mins and when I got down I didn't have a real chance to explore, but I took the risk.

The only images I have of the cave are on my camera.. Sorry.
Over all it was "neat" but could have gone with out the lady in front of me complaining about the stairs and her joints *don't go on a cave tour if you can't walk .5 miles* and the screaming babies *don't bring your kids who can't talk and are afraid of the dark*

After that I drove around the park for a bit and immediately saw some actual wildlife.. I was beginning to think bison were a big fat lie that the NPS used just to get funding.
The bison were crazy big and crazy close to my car... All I could think is they are going to charge my car and my dad saying "I told you so"

I decided not to camp out at wind cave and the $12 camping fee seems like nothing now.
I wanted to make it to Wyoming before settling in and I was unaware that Wyoming (apparently) does not advertise to tourist like SD.
But I learned my lesson when I found a campground on the outskirts of a city that cost me $20... But hey at least they have cell phone service.

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