Saturday, September 15, 2012

Day three: Wyoming

I didn't do much today. Mostly because there wasn't much to do.
I spent the good portion of the morning driving through bighorn national forest and let me tell you there is nothing scarier then driving through curvy roads when you have no idea where you are okay.
Well at night.... But i don't want to think about that.

The whole time all I could think was "I hope my breaks don't all of a sudden stop working" or "I hope that other driver coming at me brakes are working."

I did get to take a lot of scenic images of the forest.. Which was gorgeous (but still scary)
I'm definitely not looking forward to the many other curvy roads I will be driving through.

Second most irrational fear when I'm driving... Tunnels. They could just fall on you. Irrational I know. But I drove "in" one for the first time in my life and I'm still around to tell you about it so maybe they aren't so bad.

After Cody Wyoming (town closest to yellowstone) it was about 3-ish. And everyone I talk to tells me to arrive at Yellowstone earlier to get a camp spot and even though I'm about 30 miles away from Yellowstone I decided to stop for the day.

Buffalo bill* state park was the lucky camp that I picked (it was the first one I saw) and it is absolutely beautiful.

It is getting my super excited about Yellowstone!

Also, I had my first campfire tonight. It was a slight fail bc I didn't have any real camp wood and the only wood they had laying around was pretty weak.
But still a fire!

* everything around here is Buffalo Bill themed and I fell like a slight idiot bc I have no idea who he is... And for that very reason I was too cheap to pay money to go through the buffalo bill museum. I'll wiki him later.

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