Tuesday, June 5, 2012

5 ways to ensure that your friends love DC.

It is that time a year when tourist flock to DC and you have a whole handful of friends wanting to come to visit you.
This can be a little overwhelming and trying to find a whole weekend of things for them to do can be a little stressful. But here are my five easy suggestions to make their visit a little more enjoyable and carefree.

1) There are so many museums in this city and so many options of places to go and most likely your friend is going to say, “I don’t care where we go, you are the one that lives here.
Instead of just wondering through the museums on the National Mall, pick one museum, and one exhibit.  Talk the exhibit up, research fun random facts, and embrace the history.
I guarantee that your friend will think it is great because you think it is great. 
My picks:
The Art of Video Games at the American Art Museum
Washington: Symbol and City at the National Building Museum
Dinosaurs at the Natural History museum
And *obviously* Titanic: 100 Years Obsession at the National Geographic Museum
art of video games exhibit

2) Don’t wear them out, have a late lunch/brunch, take the metro/bus and devote one short afternoon to the monuments. Convince them of the awesome-ness that is associated with taking a jumping photo with Lincoln just chillin’ in the background.
Trust me this is a decision you won’t regret.
My picks for the best jumping photo: Constitution Gardens
Awesome... right!

3) Find a hole in the wall bar that offers something cool: trivia, movie night, live music, Ping-Pong, board games, etc.
How can you not have a good time with an old-school version of connect four in front of you and a beer in your hand?
My picks:
Rocket bar in Chinatown
Bread and Soda in Glover Park
Red derby in Petworth
 Scrabble at Rocket Bar

4) Take them to a DC famous food place that you only know is famous because you live in DC.  
My Picks:
 Mr. Yogato Frozen yogurt. 

5) Check all those dc and museum event websites.  Most likely there will be a bunch of free events going on in DC (especially in the summer) that will not only highlight the variety of things this city has to offer, but you might actually leave the event learning something new!
My picks:
Golden Triangle (or any website devoted to an area of DC)

*6) tell them to wear walking shoes (just promise not to take pics of their feet), a water bottle, and lose change for the bus $1.70 to be exact. 


  1. With little ones in tow, we will start early :) good post, it'll generate google traffic ;)