Saturday, February 18, 2012


Tuesday February 14

I’ve had Thai food before, but I’ve never been crazy about it.  And since I’m trying new things I agreed to go.
The place was Rice and on 14th street. I always forget that 14th street has a whole array of nice/good restaurants. 
The place itself was cozy and very cute.
source Yelp 

We started with 2 appetizers: Chicken satay and something else that had shrimp in it… I need to be better at remembering things.
I was going to be crazy and order something new, but a surprisingly lot of stuff on their menu had the little "spicy" icon next to it and I decided to stick to my normal Chicken Pad Thai: which was delicious and probably the best I’ve ever had.

not my picture, but one from yelp. 

And when they brought the check they brought me a rose!
Sure, they only did that bc it was VDay, but they get plenty of points for that. 

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