Monday, February 13, 2012

Peter Pan: Hst Playhouse.

Wednesday February 8

I recently moved away from my comfortable apartment that I came to love in the “heart” of the city to one that is basically on the border of Maryland…. Sure neither one of these may be accurate descriptions of the areas, but it is what I felt like when I moved.  Now I’m trapped in an area where I have to take the metro or bus to work instead of just walking.
But anyways my point is I’m trying to embrace new things that are in my new area of DC and added a couple of performing arts venues to my 28 things list.

The first being “Hstreet Playhouse” I checked their website and saw that they were having a “Pay What You Can Night” the following week for Peter Pan: the boy who hated mothers.
Because I can’t say no to a bargain and it would complete a day of my list I marked it on my calendar and headed there last Wednesday.
I felt a little weird paying the 10 dollars without knowing if that was enough or too much, but decided 10 is what I would pay to see something... 15 too much, 5 too little. 

The stage and venue was pretty small, but it allowed me to be even more impressed by their ability to transform a bedroom set, into a forest, into ocean scenario, into a pirates ship, and finally back into a bedroom.  
The cast was pretty small and had lots of individuals playing different characters… my favorite being that Wendy’s mom also played Captain Hook, it really added to the subplot that Parents are "evil people, who ruin everything"

Personally, I realized about 20 minutes in that Peter Pan isn’t my favorite story. But I really did like the second half. Probably because it was more of a “what happens when you leave Neverland.” And showed how Wendy would group up, have kids, and Peter would still just be the same young kid.

Overall I give it a B- and will definitely be checking out the website frequently to see what else they have. 

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