Monday, February 27, 2012


Monday February 20

President’s day, which means a couple of things
1) lots of tourist
2) I have friends who also have the day off.

The biggest perk of the day was that I had two Groupons for the Newseum that happened to expire on the 23rd

I start the day a little later then I would have liked, but the Newseum tickets are valid for two days and I also happened to have Tuesday off so my complaints about a late start really couldn’t be validated.

The Newseum is one of the museums I’ve wanted to go to since moving here but when you have a whole row of free museums it is hard to pay to $21.95 on an admission ticket. 

But immediately when I walked in I felt like I was in News Heaven.  Six floors of exhibits about how media has changed over the years and how media changes history. 
Everything I love from yellow journalism to new media. 

The museum is very well put together and has everything a visitor would want in a museum including a 4D movie and an amazing view of the city. 

personally I was most excited about an exhibit entitled "Every Four Years" that highlights the changes in political campaigns from print ads, to television, to new media techniques.  
My only complant about the exhibit was that it was crowded and didn't highlight information that I wasn't already aware of... but maybe, just maybe I actually learned something in my Political Science and Mass Communication classes. Perhaps, a "Normal American" would have found it new and educational. 
artifacts in the Every 4 Year exhibit

Newspaper covers from the 9/11 exhibit.. it was breathtaking and definitely a must see at the museum.

Sections of the Berlin Wall

another favorite of mine a video sequence of the history of TV ads. 

And finally a whole line up of newspapers through history... including the famous "Dewey Defeats Truman" misprint front page.

I will most likely go back to this museum and the next time I have someone visit me I'm going to convince them that the tickets are worth it. 

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