Friday, February 17, 2012

Mr. Yogato

Monday February 13

I use to walk by this place everyday when going to work and I never went in.  it is one of those semi-famous DC places that everyone talks about how "famous" and "dc" it is but you don't know that until you actually move to DC. 

the place is pretty small but has this fun environment attached to it.  you can attempt to do trivia to get 5-10% off your yogurt or sing the "Mr. Yogato" song to get a discount. 
full list of "Rules"
they also have games you can play while you eat your treat. 

they have four basic flavors:
original soft, original tangy, and two flavors of the week picked from a list. when i was there they have chocolate and some pink flavored one (i got the pink flavored kind)

we as a group attempted the trivia 
- name 5 countries with 1 syllable
- name 3 international captal cities that are the countries name followed by "city"

you can choose from 3 different size and multiple different "fun" and "normal" ingredients.... if you want 3 or more toppings you add .75 cents for each extra one. 
now you can play the guessing game of who got what. Me, Katie, and Andi. 

yeah, I got the oreos and fruity pebbles
they were also excited! 

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