Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Movie: A Separation

Friday February 17

National Geographic Live every year plays the Foreign Films that are nominated for Academy Awards every year. 
Tickets are 8 dollars a person and include a light reception. 
A "light reception" that included free wine,  jelly beans, popcorn (4 different flavors), and an assortment of cheese.
the only downfall was that you couldn't bring the popcorn in the theater.

I decided to check out the film on Friday night, which was the Iran film titles “A Separation
The official movie description:
When an Iranian couple separate prior to their divorce, a chain of events is set in motion that will affect the future of two families.  After his wife’s departure, Nadar hires a woman named Razieh to care for his elderly father, but complications in Razieh’s own life give rise to an escalating series of problems.

In the first couple of minutes you assume the movies main plot point is about a pending divorce but it turns out to be something completely different…. I wish I could explain what this movie is really about, but it is nearly impossible.
It left me with the feeling of not knowing who the bad/good guy was and ended with a cliffhanger.

My friend Katie sent me a text a couple of hours after we finished the movie stating “it is about the daughter
The more and more I think about it I have to agree and in my mind that is what makes a great movie- I saw if days ago and I'm still thinking and talking about it. 

the movie was well worth the 8 dollars and I definitely would have spent the money on a full price movie ticket.
but go support the film industry and watch this film and if you can answer the "what is this movie about" question please let me know. 

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  1. This is also up for Best Original Screenplay I think, as well as Best Foreign Film. So it's on my list to see prior to Sunday.