Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hirshhorn Museum

Saturday February 11

The Hishhorn Museum was on of the few museums locatacted on the National Mall that I haven't been to.  It isn't that I was putting it off or didn't want to go, but there is just a bunch of other modern/contemporary art museums in DC.

after being inside for ten mins taking pictures a security guard told me that I couldn't take pic... i'm sure it was just for the specific exhibit but since i didn't notice anyone else with a camera I stopped.
and it was a shame the cool stuff was downstairs and I started at the top.

the building itself is circular in shape. 
fun fact: the National Gallery of Art Ice skating rank circular shape is based off the design of this building.

the museum has 3 floors and at this moment a lot of the exhibit space were being changed out.

fun pictures:

they also have an outside scultupre garden and awesome fountain that is not on in the winter. 
when I was walking through the museum it started to snow exact words were "white-out" and I didn't spend much time wondering around because of the snow. 

fun DC snow photo.
so pretty.

The cool stuff I was refering too

Sunday February 12
it was cold in DC and I had to work and I couldn't find anything to do on a Sunday after 6:30, so i went home and watched Parnormal activity with my roommates. 
I'll double up on another day.  

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