Thursday, February 9, 2012

Heritage India

Tuesday February 7 

Anyone who knows me knows that I would categories “Fast Food” as my favorite food group…. I know it is horrible, but I love my hamburgers and fries.

On February 7 I decided my 28 things for the day would be Indian food. 
I was scared.
I’m not good with spicy food.
But my friend made reservations at Heritage India in Dupont and there was no turning back. 

I took my friends suggestion and ordered “Chicken Tikka Masala” A choice he said was his favorite. 
the websites description: “Charbroiled cubes of chicken in an onion tomato sauce, flavored with fenugreek.”
I was a little concerned with what “Fenugreek” was but I decided to over look it.

We started off with a small appetizer that contained peas and potatoes in this fried goodness of a shell…. The name is slipping my mind, but it was good.

The food itself:
my amazing smartphone pic. I figured pulling out a real camera would have been weird. 

I actually enjoyed it more then I thought I would and it didn’t give me nightmares like the Ethiopian food I tried for my friends Alicia bday.
I’m sure I will try it again – well only if I have a friend who tells me what to order and will assure that I don’t get anything too spicy. 

The place itself was cute and the waiter made a note to correct every word we attempted to say. 
AND they also had karma sutra pictures in the bathroom.... which i thought was highly entertaining. 

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