Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Front Page.

Friday February 10

I had to work this day and I had the plans to go to a National Archives event about Ben Franklin….
But when my friend  Rachel sent me a text asking if I wanted to do Happy Hour my immediate response was: “yes! But only if it completes something off m list”
Her: where haven’t we done Happy Hour at before.
Me: well…. Technically I have never done happy hour with just you and me before so any place will count.

I'm sorry Mr. Franklin I decided that getting happy hour drinks was a better idea then learning about you.

And with that I headed to The Front Page to get some 2.75 vodka drinks.
Once there we discovered that appetizers were half off and how can you say no to that…. What did we do?
We got 3 appetizers.
Chicken tenders, cheesy tots, and spinach dip.
And three drinks a piece
Our bill was 14 dollars a person.
A real bargain!
we got the food, ate for 5 mins, and then decided "oh, we should take a pic"

 In typical fashion and slightly like the brunch I had with her we gossiped and got caught up. 
A conversation topic that seemed to take up the majority of our time revolved around the 5 love languagesA topic my sisters and my mom was obsessed with years ago.
A conversation topic I wish I could remember more of. But I think our concluding thoughts were that we were friends because how we show our love and how we feel the most loved. (it works for friendship too, right?)

side note: I fell the most love by quality time and show my love with words of affirmation. 

When I left I rushed to the metro and accidently got on it heading the wrong direction. A first and proves that I should never let my guard down when it comes to the metro. 
I also read a good chunk of the second hunger Game book, which gave me nightmares when I finally made it home.

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