Monday, February 6, 2012

Day 5: Madhatter Brunch

My friend Rachel sent me a text early on Sunday and asked me if I wanted to get brunch and since I had a slight headache from the night before and could really use a mimosa and some bacon I agreed.
She picked me up and we headed to Madhatter in Dupont. A Place I’ve been before for brunch with my friend Allison, but since I’ve never done brunch with Rachel I figure I could still count it.

I get what I get every time I go to a brunch place: anything that includes different things stacked on top of each other. At Madhatter they call it the “Hunger helper” which is as good as it sounds.

We spend some much needed time catching up, gossiping, and Rachel even takes advantage of the make your own Bloody Mary bar…. Something that would make me have a mini-freak out but she handled like a pro.
I stick with the bottomless mimosas for $10.  (I normally don’t like getting bottle mimosas at a place like Madhatter bc I feel like they don’t come around enough to feel up my glass… but I decided to over look that factor and give into the special.)
Rachel Bloody Mary creation. 

During my MadHatter brunch experience I also ran into a friend of mine, Eliot, who I haven’t seen in almost a month.  It was a nice added surprise and considering that we are now practically Hst neighbors we should see each other more then by chance in Dupont.

After brunch we left our high school waiter his tip (you wouldn’t believe the massive school ring he had on) and we headed to check out the action at McPherson Square and Freedom Plaza.
For those of you unaware of what is going on in DC, I’m talking about the OccupyDC crowd.  The DC police started to enforce the “no camping rule” and what I’m told is any tent that had “sleeping” gear was removed. 
McPherson square was pretty empty when we walked by and by the lack of actual grass on the ground and filth everywhere it is clear to why they decided to enforce this rule.  
We then ventured to Freedom Plaza and you can check out the WashingtonPost images here from Sunday’s activities.
 As a person who is technically a member of the 99% I could really care less about this and personally don't think camping out by Kst is really the best action to take.  But I'm not the best educated on this issue, so don't listen to me. 

By then I wanted a nap, headed home took an amazing nap, and watched 70% of the Super Bowl before my food coma took full effect.

Rachel also has an amazing blog... you can read it here

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