Monday, February 6, 2012

Day 4: Udvar Hazy

On Saturday my plan was to head to the Pentagon Row Mardi Gras celebration from 2-5 for a whole day worth of cheesy themed activities,  but those plans quickly changed when my friend mentioned the Air and Space by Dulles airport.

My immediate reaction was “yes!” this was something I’ve always wanted to do and is nearly impossible to do without a car. 

He came to pick me up, we went and got breakfast at a reasonable time (think 11:30) and we were on our way.

For those of you unfamiliarly with Udvar Hazy it is a 53,067 square feet facility by the Dulles airport that was established in 2003 and holds objects that cannot fit into the National Air and Space Museum that is located on the National Mall. 
You can image that the object here were massive.

Exhibit A: Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird 
think transformers 2...... youtube clip
Exhibit B: Boeing 307
and other fun photos:
taking in the awesome-ness that is Udvar Hazy
an always important stop at the gift shop.... now I just need to convince a little nephew of mine to give up his love of trains and change that to a love of planes. 

Later that night I headed to Z-Burger and got a delicious burger (another first of the day!) and my friends Ellie's Birthday Bash at Queen Vic

A cute pic of some of the girls who made it out. 

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  1. g loves planes too. :) all modes of transportation.