Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Day 1: BANFF Film Festival

My awesome friend scored us series tickets to the five-day showing of the BANFF world tour film festival that is taking place at National Geographic.

At first I was a little hesitant considering I work at NatGeo and the idea of staying there until 10 every night seemed a little intense.... but I'm glad I decided to go, the films have been absolutely amazing.

The festival takes place every night from Dec. 31-February 4*, and we will be able to see all 30 films that travel around for the World Festival.

Tonight they showed 8 different films ranging from 5 mins to 53 mins.
The full list: copy and pasted from the website

All.I.Can: The Short Cut (Canada/2011/11 min) Stunning time-lapse sequences, creative visuals, great skiers, and deep powder. Best Feature-Length Mountain Film
Seasons: Fall (USA/2010/4 min) Deep canyons with steep, spring-fed creeks offer a soul session in a paddling paradise.
Deepsea Under the Pole (France/2010/53 min) An intrepid crew of scientists and explorers takes the ultimate plunge—scuba-diving beneath the North Pole.
Reel Rock: Ice Revolution (USA/2011/13 min) Taking on the hardest pure ice climb in the world, at British Columbia’s spectacular Helmcken Falls.
Chasing Water (USA/2011/18 min) A photojournalist decides to follow the water from his family’s ranch to see where it ends. Best Short Mountain Film
The Trail Collection (Switzerland/2010/5 min) People collect all kinds of things: stamps, coins, art. This is a collection of trails.
Towers of the Ennedi (USA/2011/14 min) Young climbing stars explore the breathtaking spires, towers, and rock formations of Chad’s Ennedi Desert.
C.A.R.C.A. (Canada/2011/8 min) One man’s quest to revolutionize the world of animal avalanche rescue.

My favorites of the night had to be “All.I.Can” and “Towers of the Ennedi”….. but once again all were amazing.

A clip from the "long" film of the night (Deepsea Under the Pole).  the underwater images were absolutely breathtaking and it is crazy to think that someone would want to dive under the ice at the North Pole.


the clip they play at the beginning of every night....  it really pumps you up for the films. 

*On February 4th the films are repeats and I won't be going to that showing.   
And I decided long ago that I can count this for the first 3 nights and on Saturday I’ll have a new exciting event for you all!

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