Wednesday, February 22, 2012

BBQ, German Beer, Thai food, and Vermilion

Saturday February 18

As I mentioned earlier I’m two days behind in my 28 days challenge and since I actually had a Saturday off I decided to devote the day to two new things.
As this turned out these two things included food and drinks from two different places (typical, I know)

The first begin Capitol Q BBQ in Chinatown
I’ve walked by this place every time I’m in Chinatown and every time I think “I should stop and get dinner there” and I never do.
But this day I just got done with the gym and was feeling bad that I could only do the stair workout for 10 minutes that I needed to indulge this pain in food.
And that is what I did I went in and got a gigantic messy pulled pork sandwich and a side of potato salad.
It was delicious.

And two DC old men fire fighters sat at the same table as me… they were two nice old men that reminded me of my dad.  

Place number 2: Biergaten Haus.
Is an authentic restaurant that serves German food and drinks. 
It is in my new neighborhood and my friend Katie had a groupon… so we had to go.
We enjoyed our big German beers
well some of us enjoyed the big beers. 

the small sample of the food I had was also delicious.

It was a good solid night and the next day I woke up still full and with slight alcohol induced headache.
Sunday Feburary 19

It was my coworkers Andi’s birthday and we met up for drinks in Old Town Alexandria.  I’ve only been to the area once before (actually once with Andi) and was eager to try another new place.
And we actually tried two new places.
We got Thai food at  Mai Thai before the celebration because the two people I was with “love” Thai food. As you know I’m indifferent, and this experience really didn’t change me feeling indifferent.
Next we walked in the rain to Vermilion. *
Which personally I loved the atmosphere of this place it had a nice little lounge with pillows and dim lighting. 
I started off with a "Hot Buttered Rum" which was delicious and ended the night with a simple beer. 
I was really slacking on taking photos this weekend and my lack of finding good pictures online is proving that I should always just take pictures with camera (even if i look ridiculous).... I will not make this mistake again. 

*the Obamas went their for valentines day. 

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