Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Arlington National Cemetery

 Tuesday Febuary 21

I was very productive this day and you could say that I completed three new things.

The first:
I went to Arlington National Cemetery.  I told myself that I would probably only be there for less then an hour, but it would be worth it because I have never been. 
This is one of the places most go to on a school trip, it isn’t the place I would take a friend who is visiting.
Why? Because it is a cemetery and in my mind cemeteries are not for tourist, they are places for individuals to mourn at.

But I was impressed. Impressed by how powerful the place was, how educational the place was, and by the amount of time I spent there. 

One of the fist places I stopeed was the Women in the Military Service for America memorial. inside was a mini-museum that had great displays like the one below. 

Up by the Arlington House which belonged to Robert E. Lee highlights the breathtaking view that you get when visiting. 

Changing of the guards.  
Which is very impressive once you realize that the Tomb of the Unknown is always guarded even in rain and snow. 

The second Event of the day:
I found a coupon online that allows you to recieve a free cup of custard from Shake Shack every tuesday for the month of February.
Here I am enjoying my free cup of Chocolate custard. 

The Third event:
My friend scored me free tickets to a preview of Act of Valor at the Chinatown theater.  
the movie was okay.  
it was impressive once you realized that they used real amo and that they used real US navy SEALS.  
but also predictable, it wasn't a movie I would see on my own.  but you can't say no to free tickets. 

in conclusion: my tuesday was very patriotic. 


  1. Kassie threw up at Arlington National Cemetery once.

  2. blogger let me know it has been two months since you last posted....lameness