Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Arlington National Cemetery

 Tuesday Febuary 21

I was very productive this day and you could say that I completed three new things.

The first:
I went to Arlington National Cemetery.  I told myself that I would probably only be there for less then an hour, but it would be worth it because I have never been. 
This is one of the places most go to on a school trip, it isn’t the place I would take a friend who is visiting.
Why? Because it is a cemetery and in my mind cemeteries are not for tourist, they are places for individuals to mourn at.

But I was impressed. Impressed by how powerful the place was, how educational the place was, and by the amount of time I spent there. 

One of the fist places I stopeed was the Women in the Military Service for America memorial. inside was a mini-museum that had great displays like the one below. 

Up by the Arlington House which belonged to Robert E. Lee highlights the breathtaking view that you get when visiting. 

Changing of the guards.  
Which is very impressive once you realize that the Tomb of the Unknown is always guarded even in rain and snow. 

The second Event of the day:
I found a coupon online that allows you to recieve a free cup of custard from Shake Shack every tuesday for the month of February.
Here I am enjoying my free cup of Chocolate custard. 

The Third event:
My friend scored me free tickets to a preview of Act of Valor at the Chinatown theater.  
the movie was okay.  
it was impressive once you realized that they used real amo and that they used real US navy SEALS.  
but also predictable, it wasn't a movie I would see on my own.  but you can't say no to free tickets. 

in conclusion: my tuesday was very patriotic. 

Monday, February 27, 2012


Monday February 20

President’s day, which means a couple of things
1) lots of tourist
2) I have friends who also have the day off.

The biggest perk of the day was that I had two Groupons for the Newseum that happened to expire on the 23rd

I start the day a little later then I would have liked, but the Newseum tickets are valid for two days and I also happened to have Tuesday off so my complaints about a late start really couldn’t be validated.

The Newseum is one of the museums I’ve wanted to go to since moving here but when you have a whole row of free museums it is hard to pay to $21.95 on an admission ticket. 

But immediately when I walked in I felt like I was in News Heaven.  Six floors of exhibits about how media has changed over the years and how media changes history. 
Everything I love from yellow journalism to new media. 

The museum is very well put together and has everything a visitor would want in a museum including a 4D movie and an amazing view of the city. 

personally I was most excited about an exhibit entitled "Every Four Years" that highlights the changes in political campaigns from print ads, to television, to new media techniques.  
My only complant about the exhibit was that it was crowded and didn't highlight information that I wasn't already aware of... but maybe, just maybe I actually learned something in my Political Science and Mass Communication classes. Perhaps, a "Normal American" would have found it new and educational. 
artifacts in the Every 4 Year exhibit

Newspaper covers from the 9/11 exhibit.. it was breathtaking and definitely a must see at the museum.

Sections of the Berlin Wall

another favorite of mine a video sequence of the history of TV ads. 

And finally a whole line up of newspapers through history... including the famous "Dewey Defeats Truman" misprint front page.

I will most likely go back to this museum and the next time I have someone visit me I'm going to convince them that the tickets are worth it. 

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Oscars 2012

for the past two years I make it my goal to watch all the film nominated for Best Picture for the Academy Awards and a couple of other films that are nominated more then once.
this year I'm proud to say I've watched all the best picture films and a handful of other.  

I'm counting this post as my February 25th thing.... (I did venture out and watch Tree of Life with two friends)

Some things that need to be known:  I really liked Hugo and Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. I didn’t care for The Descendants… I guess I’m not a huge fan of the George Clooney.
I also really like Michelle Williams and really want her to win Best Actress, but I had a hard time putting her down and changed it a couple of hundred times (either her or Glenn Close) but I know the Academy loves Meryl Streep (I don't)
And the academy likes films that mention the magic of film (cough cough Hugo and The Artist) and movies that make you question things (cough cough The Tree of Life and A Separation)
And even though I liked The Artist I could only get my self to put it down for a couple of categories... I'm not sure if the film is advancing the film industry at all.  (if anything it is teaching us how films from the past are great, but Hugo also does this with dialogue) 

Also “*” indicates a complete guess.

My Oscar Ballat :

Best Picture:
The Artist

Leading Actor:
George Clooney “The Descendants”

Supporting Actor:
Christopher Plumber "Beginners" 

Leading Actress:
Glenn Close “Albert Nobbs”

Supporting Actress:
Octavia Spencer “The Help”

Animated Feature:
Chico and Rita

Art Direction:
War Horse

The Tree of Life

Costume Design:

The Artist

Documentary Feature:*

Documentary Short*
God is Bigger than Elvis

Film Editing:

Foreign Language Film:
A Separation

The Iron Lady

Original Score:
War Horse

Original Song:
“Man or Muppet” from “The Muppets”

Animated Short Film*
The fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore

Live Action Short Film*
Tuba Atlantic

Sound Editing:

Sound Mixing:

Visual Effects:
Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Adapted Screenplay:

Original Screenplay:
A Separation

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

BBQ, German Beer, Thai food, and Vermilion

Saturday February 18

As I mentioned earlier I’m two days behind in my 28 days challenge and since I actually had a Saturday off I decided to devote the day to two new things.
As this turned out these two things included food and drinks from two different places (typical, I know)

The first begin Capitol Q BBQ in Chinatown
I’ve walked by this place every time I’m in Chinatown and every time I think “I should stop and get dinner there” and I never do.
But this day I just got done with the gym and was feeling bad that I could only do the stair workout for 10 minutes that I needed to indulge this pain in food.
And that is what I did I went in and got a gigantic messy pulled pork sandwich and a side of potato salad.
It was delicious.

And two DC old men fire fighters sat at the same table as me… they were two nice old men that reminded me of my dad.  

Place number 2: Biergaten Haus.
Is an authentic restaurant that serves German food and drinks. 
It is in my new neighborhood and my friend Katie had a groupon… so we had to go.
We enjoyed our big German beers
well some of us enjoyed the big beers. 

the small sample of the food I had was also delicious.

It was a good solid night and the next day I woke up still full and with slight alcohol induced headache.
Sunday Feburary 19

It was my coworkers Andi’s birthday and we met up for drinks in Old Town Alexandria.  I’ve only been to the area once before (actually once with Andi) and was eager to try another new place.
And we actually tried two new places.
We got Thai food at  Mai Thai before the celebration because the two people I was with “love” Thai food. As you know I’m indifferent, and this experience really didn’t change me feeling indifferent.
Next we walked in the rain to Vermilion. *
Which personally I loved the atmosphere of this place it had a nice little lounge with pillows and dim lighting. 
I started off with a "Hot Buttered Rum" which was delicious and ended the night with a simple beer. 
I was really slacking on taking photos this weekend and my lack of finding good pictures online is proving that I should always just take pictures with camera (even if i look ridiculous).... I will not make this mistake again. 

*the Obamas went their for valentines day. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Movie: A Separation

Friday February 17

National Geographic Live every year plays the Foreign Films that are nominated for Academy Awards every year. 
Tickets are 8 dollars a person and include a light reception. 
A "light reception" that included free wine,  jelly beans, popcorn (4 different flavors), and an assortment of cheese.
the only downfall was that you couldn't bring the popcorn in the theater.

I decided to check out the film on Friday night, which was the Iran film titles “A Separation
The official movie description:
When an Iranian couple separate prior to their divorce, a chain of events is set in motion that will affect the future of two families.  After his wife’s departure, Nadar hires a woman named Razieh to care for his elderly father, but complications in Razieh’s own life give rise to an escalating series of problems.

In the first couple of minutes you assume the movies main plot point is about a pending divorce but it turns out to be something completely different…. I wish I could explain what this movie is really about, but it is nearly impossible.
It left me with the feeling of not knowing who the bad/good guy was and ended with a cliffhanger.

My friend Katie sent me a text a couple of hours after we finished the movie stating “it is about the daughter
The more and more I think about it I have to agree and in my mind that is what makes a great movie- I saw if days ago and I'm still thinking and talking about it. 

the movie was well worth the 8 dollars and I definitely would have spent the money on a full price movie ticket.
but go support the film industry and watch this film and if you can answer the "what is this movie about" question please let me know. 

Sunday, February 19, 2012

American Experience: Clinton

Wednesday February 15

This film/discussion was about the upcoming PBS presidential Clinton film at the American History Museum.  The film premiers on Presidents Day and is about 4 hours long.  They showed the 3rd hour of it, the hour right after the midterm election and when the federal government was shut down.
I enjoyed the hour and will probably watch the special on tv… I might DVR it right now.

the discussion section of these things are always filled with one too many guys (this one all guys) and since I was forming a slight headache I could care less with what they had to say.
and they only had an actual discussion for about 30 minutes before they started to take questions from the audience. 
and they seem to skip over the "how they made the documentary" which is the part I really wanted to hear about.... I mean how do you make an accurate historical documentary with a topic and a person who are still around. 

the Q & A sections at these things are always a joke. 
the questions they were given: 
why did kennedy support Obama and not Clinton?
What is the one word that you would use to describe Clinton?
did you plan this film to come out because of the current political state of the democratic party?

I don't really care. 
I should care
but I don't 

Man, I really need to get back into politics… what a pointless degree I have. 

A clip of the film:

Watch Clinton Chapter 1 on PBS. See more from American Experience.

and my walk to the metro....
I love this city

Thursday February 16
I had a migraine... I haven't had one in years so I took a day off.  
if you are keeping track I'm two days behind. 

Saturday, February 18, 2012


Tuesday February 14

I’ve had Thai food before, but I’ve never been crazy about it.  And since I’m trying new things I agreed to go.
The place was Rice and on 14th street. I always forget that 14th street has a whole array of nice/good restaurants. 
The place itself was cozy and very cute.
source Yelp 

We started with 2 appetizers: Chicken satay and something else that had shrimp in it… I need to be better at remembering things.
I was going to be crazy and order something new, but a surprisingly lot of stuff on their menu had the little "spicy" icon next to it and I decided to stick to my normal Chicken Pad Thai: which was delicious and probably the best I’ve ever had.

not my picture, but one from yelp. 

And when they brought the check they brought me a rose!
Sure, they only did that bc it was VDay, but they get plenty of points for that. 

Friday, February 17, 2012

Mr. Yogato

Monday February 13

I use to walk by this place everyday when going to work and I never went in.  it is one of those semi-famous DC places that everyone talks about how "famous" and "dc" it is but you don't know that until you actually move to DC. 

the place is pretty small but has this fun environment attached to it.  you can attempt to do trivia to get 5-10% off your yogurt or sing the "Mr. Yogato" song to get a discount. 
full list of "Rules"
they also have games you can play while you eat your treat. 

they have four basic flavors:
original soft, original tangy, and two flavors of the week picked from a list. when i was there they have chocolate and some pink flavored one (i got the pink flavored kind)

we as a group attempted the trivia 
- name 5 countries with 1 syllable
- name 3 international captal cities that are the countries name followed by "city"

you can choose from 3 different size and multiple different "fun" and "normal" ingredients.... if you want 3 or more toppings you add .75 cents for each extra one. 
now you can play the guessing game of who got what. Me, Katie, and Andi. 

yeah, I got the oreos and fruity pebbles
they were also excited! 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hirshhorn Museum

Saturday February 11

The Hishhorn Museum was on of the few museums locatacted on the National Mall that I haven't been to.  It isn't that I was putting it off or didn't want to go, but there is just a bunch of other modern/contemporary art museums in DC.

after being inside for ten mins taking pictures a security guard told me that I couldn't take pic... i'm sure it was just for the specific exhibit but since i didn't notice anyone else with a camera I stopped.
and it was a shame the cool stuff was downstairs and I started at the top.

the building itself is circular in shape. 
fun fact: the National Gallery of Art Ice skating rank circular shape is based off the design of this building.

the museum has 3 floors and at this moment a lot of the exhibit space were being changed out.

fun pictures:

they also have an outside scultupre garden and awesome fountain that is not on in the winter. 
when I was walking through the museum it started to snow weather.com exact words were "white-out" and I didn't spend much time wondering around because of the snow. 

fun DC snow photo.
so pretty.

The cool stuff I was refering too

Sunday February 12
it was cold in DC and I had to work and I couldn't find anything to do on a Sunday after 6:30, so i went home and watched Parnormal activity with my roommates. 
I'll double up on another day.  

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Front Page.

Friday February 10

I had to work this day and I had the plans to go to a National Archives event about Ben Franklin….
But when my friend  Rachel sent me a text asking if I wanted to do Happy Hour my immediate response was: “yes! But only if it completes something off m list”
Her: where haven’t we done Happy Hour at before.
Me: well…. Technically I have never done happy hour with just you and me before so any place will count.

I'm sorry Mr. Franklin I decided that getting happy hour drinks was a better idea then learning about you.

And with that I headed to The Front Page to get some 2.75 vodka drinks.
Once there we discovered that appetizers were half off and how can you say no to that…. What did we do?
We got 3 appetizers.
Chicken tenders, cheesy tots, and spinach dip.
And three drinks a piece
Our bill was 14 dollars a person.
A real bargain!
we got the food, ate for 5 mins, and then decided "oh, we should take a pic"

 In typical fashion and slightly like the brunch I had with her we gossiped and got caught up. 
A conversation topic that seemed to take up the majority of our time revolved around the 5 love languagesA topic my sisters and my mom was obsessed with years ago.
A conversation topic I wish I could remember more of. But I think our concluding thoughts were that we were friends because how we show our love and how we feel the most loved. (it works for friendship too, right?)

side note: I fell the most love by quality time and show my love with words of affirmation. 

When I left I rushed to the metro and accidently got on it heading the wrong direction. A first and proves that I should never let my guard down when it comes to the metro. 
I also read a good chunk of the second hunger Game book, which gave me nightmares when I finally made it home.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Modern Times: Portrait Gallery

Thursday February 9 

The Portrait Gallery/American Art Museum is one of the best places in DC to see old-school American movies for free.
Last year I saw It’s a Wonderful Life there and anyone who knows me knows that it is my favorite movie. (and it was about 10X better on the big screen!)

This year while searching for free events the Smithsonian has after 5 I came across “Modern Times” a Chaplin movie that also happened to be on the AFI top 100 list… Not only would I complete a 28 day activity it would also allow me to mark a movie off my list.  Win/win!

the event page description: Charlie Chaplin is a bumbling factory worker who falls in love with an orphan girl. The film’s unforgettable slapstick routines double as satiric commentary on class struggle during the Great Depression...

The film was shown in their glass-covered courtyard, which allows for an outdoor movie feel indoors without the cold.

The movie itself had everything a film made in 1936 needed: romance, depression, factories, and humor. 
And since we are taught so much about this time period growing up and how it was presented I really felt like I did understand most of the jokes and what the main characters were going through.
The only downfall of a public screening: A gentlemen who sat next to me thought the movie was hilarious and spent the majority of time expressing this out loud. (But really it allowed me to find certain scenes funnier then they should have been)

Monday, February 13, 2012

Peter Pan: Hst Playhouse.

Wednesday February 8

I recently moved away from my comfortable apartment that I came to love in the “heart” of the city to one that is basically on the border of Maryland…. Sure neither one of these may be accurate descriptions of the areas, but it is what I felt like when I moved.  Now I’m trapped in an area where I have to take the metro or bus to work instead of just walking.
But anyways my point is I’m trying to embrace new things that are in my new area of DC and added a couple of performing arts venues to my 28 things list.

The first being “Hstreet Playhouse” I checked their website and saw that they were having a “Pay What You Can Night” the following week for Peter Pan: the boy who hated mothers.
Because I can’t say no to a bargain and it would complete a day of my list I marked it on my calendar and headed there last Wednesday.
I felt a little weird paying the 10 dollars without knowing if that was enough or too much, but decided 10 is what I would pay to see something... 15 too much, 5 too little. 

The stage and venue was pretty small, but it allowed me to be even more impressed by their ability to transform a bedroom set, into a forest, into ocean scenario, into a pirates ship, and finally back into a bedroom.  
The cast was pretty small and had lots of individuals playing different characters… my favorite being that Wendy’s mom also played Captain Hook, it really added to the subplot that Parents are "evil people, who ruin everything"

Personally, I realized about 20 minutes in that Peter Pan isn’t my favorite story. But I really did like the second half. Probably because it was more of a “what happens when you leave Neverland.” And showed how Wendy would group up, have kids, and Peter would still just be the same young kid.

Overall I give it a B- and will definitely be checking out the website frequently to see what else they have. 

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Heritage India

Tuesday February 7 

Anyone who knows me knows that I would categories “Fast Food” as my favorite food group…. I know it is horrible, but I love my hamburgers and fries.

On February 7 I decided my 28 things for the day would be Indian food. 
I was scared.
I’m not good with spicy food.
But my friend made reservations at Heritage India in Dupont and there was no turning back. 

I took my friends suggestion and ordered “Chicken Tikka Masala” A choice he said was his favorite. 
the websites description: “Charbroiled cubes of chicken in an onion tomato sauce, flavored with fenugreek.”
I was a little concerned with what “Fenugreek” was but I decided to over look it.

We started off with a small appetizer that contained peas and potatoes in this fried goodness of a shell…. The name is slipping my mind, but it was good.

The food itself:
my amazing smartphone pic. I figured pulling out a real camera would have been weird. 

I actually enjoyed it more then I thought I would and it didn’t give me nightmares like the Ethiopian food I tried for my friends Alicia bday.
I’m sure I will try it again – well only if I have a friend who tells me what to order and will assure that I don’t get anything too spicy. 

The place itself was cute and the waiter made a note to correct every word we attempted to say. 
AND they also had karma sutra pictures in the bathroom.... which i thought was highly entertaining. 

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Day 6: Beltway Poetry Slam

As you may recall last year I went to a poetry slam with my friends Ruth (if not read about it here).  That time we showed up an hour early and we were picked to be judges, even though my knowledge of poetry was taught in the walls of a middle school classroom. We had a six point system on how to grade them and we were serious about it.

During the past year I mentioned to anyone who asked that this poetry slam was the perk of my 2011 28 day challenge.  When I made the decision to do another 28 day 28 thing challenge I had to add another poetry slam to this years line up.  It also appeared that timing was on my side and the same exact event was going on this year during the month of February.    It was a perfect win/win situation. 

The event was being held in the Soutwest and since I was venturing to the area I decided I had to stop by Good Stuff Eatery first.
I started off my evening with a delicious burger and fries that came out to about $11.  I was won over by the burger that included bacon and two patties…. I decision that was great when I was ordering, but eating the whole thing was a slight challenge.  And how can you say no to a place that has multiple mayo options?

The slam was being held at "The Fridge" A cute little hole in the wall places that is an "art gallery, performance space, music venue and classroom located on Barracks Row in the historic Eastern Market neighborhood of Washington, DC"

from the online advertisement:
Join the Beltway Poetry Slam for this qualifying competition to see who will represent DC at the Women of the World Poetry Slam this March in Denver

The event was advertised to start at 8 and the doors were to open at 7:30, which was a slight lie.  It was past 7:30 and the door were still locked.  So I went to dunkin' donuts and got a delicious coffee.  (Just in case you did indeed want a play-by-play of my night)

Around 7:45 I made a second attempt to enter the small room where the performance was going to be held and paid my $5.  I drank my coffee and a guy with a beard, crazy hat, and a non-profit twitter shirt asked me if I wanted to be a judge I agreed.  If only to redeem myself from last year and the constant “Boo’s” I received for my "low" scores. 

I had no real system to how I was going to judge just that I decided that an 8 was going to be my average score. 
This lady was our "halftime entertainment" .. better then madonna. 
and I only got the one pic because my judging skills required that I paid full attention.

They had 3 female performers. 
4 rounds: 1, 2, 3, and 4-minute rounds.
And before each round they had someone not competing go up and perform a poem to give the judges (aka me) a feel for the new  time limit. 

They started with the 4-minute round, then the 1 min, the 2, and finally the 3.

I gave out my 7.9, 8, 8.2, 8.5, etc.... and I was still constantly being boo-ed.  if this was a sporting event they would be happy with these scores, but here they seemed upset that I was giving out constant 9.5's.  
And I came to the conclusion: poets are narcissist.

even with the boo's I did have a great time and I'm always impressed by anyones ability to stand in front of a crowd of complete strangers and pour their heart out.
it is something I know I could never do. 

I'll go again... 
And next year I’ll give an average of a 9.0  

Monday, February 6, 2012

Day 5: Madhatter Brunch

My friend Rachel sent me a text early on Sunday and asked me if I wanted to get brunch and since I had a slight headache from the night before and could really use a mimosa and some bacon I agreed.
She picked me up and we headed to Madhatter in Dupont. A Place I’ve been before for brunch with my friend Allison, but since I’ve never done brunch with Rachel I figure I could still count it.

I get what I get every time I go to a brunch place: anything that includes different things stacked on top of each other. At Madhatter they call it the “Hunger helper” which is as good as it sounds.

We spend some much needed time catching up, gossiping, and Rachel even takes advantage of the make your own Bloody Mary bar…. Something that would make me have a mini-freak out but she handled like a pro.
I stick with the bottomless mimosas for $10.  (I normally don’t like getting bottle mimosas at a place like Madhatter bc I feel like they don’t come around enough to feel up my glass… but I decided to over look that factor and give into the special.)
Rachel Bloody Mary creation. 

During my MadHatter brunch experience I also ran into a friend of mine, Eliot, who I haven’t seen in almost a month.  It was a nice added surprise and considering that we are now practically Hst neighbors we should see each other more then by chance in Dupont.

After brunch we left our high school waiter his tip (you wouldn’t believe the massive school ring he had on) and we headed to check out the action at McPherson Square and Freedom Plaza.
For those of you unaware of what is going on in DC, I’m talking about the OccupyDC crowd.  The DC police started to enforce the “no camping rule” and what I’m told is any tent that had “sleeping” gear was removed. 
McPherson square was pretty empty when we walked by and by the lack of actual grass on the ground and filth everywhere it is clear to why they decided to enforce this rule.  
We then ventured to Freedom Plaza and you can check out the WashingtonPost images here from Sunday’s activities.
 As a person who is technically a member of the 99% I could really care less about this and personally don't think camping out by Kst is really the best action to take.  But I'm not the best educated on this issue, so don't listen to me. 

By then I wanted a nap, headed home took an amazing nap, and watched 70% of the Super Bowl before my food coma took full effect.

Rachel also has an amazing blog... you can read it here

Day 4: Udvar Hazy

On Saturday my plan was to head to the Pentagon Row Mardi Gras celebration from 2-5 for a whole day worth of cheesy themed activities,  but those plans quickly changed when my friend mentioned the Air and Space by Dulles airport.

My immediate reaction was “yes!” this was something I’ve always wanted to do and is nearly impossible to do without a car. 

He came to pick me up, we went and got breakfast at a reasonable time (think 11:30) and we were on our way.

For those of you unfamiliarly with Udvar Hazy it is a 53,067 square feet facility by the Dulles airport that was established in 2003 and holds objects that cannot fit into the National Air and Space Museum that is located on the National Mall. 
You can image that the object here were massive.

Exhibit A: Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird 
think transformers 2...... youtube clip
Exhibit B: Boeing 307
and other fun photos:
taking in the awesome-ness that is Udvar Hazy
an always important stop at the gift shop.... now I just need to convince a little nephew of mine to give up his love of trains and change that to a love of planes. 

Later that night I headed to Z-Burger and got a delicious burger (another first of the day!) and my friends Ellie's Birthday Bash at Queen Vic

A cute pic of some of the girls who made it out. 

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Day 3: BANFF (again)

As mentioned before, I spent the first three days of my 28day challenge going to the BANFF Mountain Film Festival that was being presented by National Geographic Live.
Every day really went above and beyond my expectations and I was able to grasp what kind of mountain sports I enjoy watching.
And the answer: Any mountain sport that left me fearing for the life of the person performing the act…. And I understand that you can get hurt snowboarding or skiing, but the rock climbing videos really left me on the edge of my seat.  If something went wrong they would fall to their death. Crazy.
Personally I don’t know if I could go mountain climbing (I’m terrified of heights) but I “enjoyed” watching it.

Fridays movie line up:

Cold (USA/2011/19 min) Experience Gasherbrum II in the middle of a deep, dark winter as seen from the raw perspective of alpinist Cory Richard’s camera. Grand Prize and Best Film – Climbing
The Man and the Mammoth (Canada/2010/6 min) A caveman discovers skiing, thanks to his woolly mammoth friend.
Spoil (USA/2011/44 min) Photographers join the Gitga’at First Nation in an attempt to photograph the legendary spirit bear, in a place threatened by a proposed oil pipeline. Best Film – Mountain Environment
Hanuman Airlines (USA/2011/26 min) Two Nepali adventurers on a mission to launch a paraglider from Mount Everest’s summit.
Solitaire (USA/2011/16 min) In the high desert of South America, winter takes hold, and a handful of drifters cast their lot onto inhospitable lands and forsaken peaks.
Reel Rock: Origins – Obe & Ashima (USA/2011/23 min) A nine-year-old girl from New York City is taking the bouldering world by storm.

My favorite of the night: Cold and The Man and the Mammoth.  

the man and the mammoth: not the "typical" BANFF film, but I'm a sucker for films like this

And Cold

COLD - TRAILER from Forge Motion Pictures on Vimeo.

I'm a little upset that I'm 2 days behind on updating these, but I promise I am doing something everyday. 
if you don't believe me check out my Twitter @KSloss