Monday, May 2, 2011

“Peace out Bin Laden”

Yesterday could only be defined as one of those long uncomfortable days at work, a day where I had no choice but to leave early.  When I got home at around 5:00pm, I passed out.  I left my phone in my purse and feel asleep with my work clothes on.  At around 10pm -after 5 hours of glorious sleep- I woke up, put real PJs on, looked at my phone, and finally responded to some old text.

As I was falling quickly back to sleep I got the most confusing text from my younger sister ever.  It stated:

Peace out Bin Laden

In my tired state I assumed it was some pop culture slogan or trend that I was too old to understand (and my sister is only a year and half younger than me, but she is also a high school math teacher…and I assume she is more in the know then me.)

About 30 minutes later she tells me 
umm you two better be at the white house singing :) go USA

 My response “I don’t think I know what you are talking about
My sister fills me and I respond “that is to patriotic for me
She says “it’s happening.  DC is happy
And my immediate thought is “wait, I didn’t even think he was a real threat anymore… I bet it is just tourist.  But then again some DC folks are crazy.  I’ll just watch a video of it tomorrow…. Maybe
Our convo concluded with her telling me “I’ll have lots of stuff to read tomorrow” and that “twitter is blowing up.

I drift back to sleep with no desire to check the internet myself.  Mostly b/c the only place I can get an internet connection in my place is if I stand in my kitchen and that seemed like too much work and my body needed more sleep.
I received another text from a friend who lives out of state asking me “if I was at the white house
And this morning when I responded I realized I would have no idea what is going on in the world if it wasn’t for my sister.
I have no Smartphone (gasp), no TV (bigger gasp), and my internet is sketchy and not reliable.
And actually paying for a print newspaper is just crazy.  I’ll stick to my free copy of the “Express” I get in the morning.  And this Monday’s edition had no mention of this event. (fail)

But b/c I have a sister who is in the know, I have some clue of what was “happening” in dc.
After about 13 hours of sleep I finally checked the internet (in my kitchen) and realized that I was a little angry at not going to the White House last night.   I mean when is the next time I'll have the opportunity to partake in complete random patriotic celebration in front of the White House
Of course there is no way I would have had enough energy to walk or ride the bus the 30 some blocks to get to the White House.  And I know that since I would have gone by myself I would have probably just stood in the back and snapped a few photos and headed home after about 10 minutes.  
Not worth it at all.  (But think of how much more exciting this post would be with photos)
This morning: I did the most patriotic thing I could think of… I went to McDonalds and ordered a number 3.
A delicious: bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit with a hash brown and a small coke. 
It was everything I hoped it would be.

maybe later today (if my stomach can handle it) i'll get a nice American Beer and sip it while eating an American chesses burger with freedom fries.  perhaps while listening to American music.. jazz. 

On my way home I saw this on the streets of Adams Morgan.
I’m not sure if I have completely ever understood the whole “God Bless America” thing… or why we think we are so important.  But whatev.