Friday, April 22, 2011


Kinsey is visiting me this weekend.  Right now she is taking a nap (typical) and I’m writing this post.  I’m debating creating a catchy hashtag for twitter this weekend something along the lines of #thecoolslossgirls or #kaciandkassiewishestheywerethiscool.  


I sketched out a slight plan for the weekend. It mostly looks like this
Noon: lunch; Chinatown, maybe Good Stuff Eatery, maybe just peanut butter sandwiches
1-5:30ish: museums, fun photos!
5:30-?? Happy hour.
(Friday is really just being revolved around the idea of happy hour)

Saturday: sleeping in day (by Kinsey’s request)
Maybe cupcakes
Out and about: perhaps Hst.

Holocaust museum
Fun photos!!
Columbia station jazz
Maybe trivia.

I don’t know if dc is ready for #thecoolslossgirls!

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