Monday, April 4, 2011

I'm a stair climbing champ!

I was home this past weekend.
During that time I participated in the American Lung association Fight for Air Climb.
 And the only reason I’m posting this is b/c I wanted to post the above photo that was on this website
(you can also see the less flattering pictures of me and my teammates on that site)

And you can also see here, that I did not get last place.  
287 place to be exact!  
And I also didn’t finish last in my group. 
4th to be exact!
with a total time of: 15:03
(how long does it take you to walk up 66 flight of stairs... I bet it takes you longer than 15 minutes)

and most importantly to remind myself that after walking up 
66 flights of stairs 
I can now be lazy for the next month and take the elevator.

It should be noted that the escalator was broken at the Smithsonian Metro stop the other day and I sucked-it-up and walked up the stairs b/c the elevator would have took longer and I was already running late.  
But I learned my lesson and I will not be doing that again. 

hope to see you all next year!!

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