Friday, April 22, 2011


Kinsey is visiting me this weekend.  Right now she is taking a nap (typical) and I’m writing this post.  I’m debating creating a catchy hashtag for twitter this weekend something along the lines of #thecoolslossgirls or #kaciandkassiewishestheywerethiscool.  


I sketched out a slight plan for the weekend. It mostly looks like this
Noon: lunch; Chinatown, maybe Good Stuff Eatery, maybe just peanut butter sandwiches
1-5:30ish: museums, fun photos!
5:30-?? Happy hour.
(Friday is really just being revolved around the idea of happy hour)

Saturday: sleeping in day (by Kinsey’s request)
Maybe cupcakes
Out and about: perhaps Hst.

Holocaust museum
Fun photos!!
Columbia station jazz
Maybe trivia.

I don’t know if dc is ready for #thecoolslossgirls!

Friday, April 15, 2011

can someone get the lights?

The other day at work this very tourist couple comes up to me.  The type of couple that doesn’t actually look at the books or real merchandise we sale in the shop but the couple that buys a postcard, pen, magnet, and so-forth.  They are also the type of individuals that wear the American flag shirts, fanny packs, khaki cargo shorts, and speak with a southern drawl.  I generally have no problem with these types of tourist and I generally love how predictable they are. 

And given that I work at the Holocaust Museum sometimes these are the first types of tourist to shock you.  They will ask the most intense questions and are the ones that are really moved by the Permanent Exhibit. 
This particular couple buys two “remember” buttons,  two “what would you have done” pens, and a “what you do matters” tote bag.  Which is a normal purchase - and they didn’t even bother to look at the 60+ books we have at this kiosk… but at least they bought items that had a positive message on them.?

When they are walking away they turn to me and the guy says
since, you work here can I ask you something?
At this point I am mentally prepared for the array of questions I might get.

The typical dc tourist questions … where can I get food, when does the Smithsonian close, where is the Smithsonian, where’s the fill in the blank monument, what is the closest metro, etc

Or the questions about the museum…. Where are the shoes, restrooms, elevators, where is the Anne Frank exhibit, how do I start, etc

Or the off the wall questions…. They had a picture on the 3rd floor that mentioned a girl who hid her friend do you have a book about that, I read a book ten years ago about a guy who survived the holocaust do you have that book, when was the building built, my great grandfather is a survivor and did an interview where can I see that, etc.

But NO, he doesn’t ask me any of those questions.

He looks at me and says: “why is it so dark in the museum?
My response: “it is dark as a way to preserve the artifacts that are in the Permanent Exhibit

Him: “well, I don’t understand.  I have been to lots of museum that are bright
Me:well, we are dealing with artifacts that are highly sensitive"

Him:I get the whole artifact thing, but the hallways between the exhibits should be lit better."
and after a brief pause he adds "be sure you tell someone about that"
Me as the couple walks away. “Uuummm, okay?... but I think the dark hallways add to the whole feel of the museum.

I will never understand why people vent and complain to people who work in the shops.  We literally have no control over this stuff and I would have no idea who I would tell to turn the lights up… and I’m pretty sure if I wrote the museum director an email about the light issue she would respond with a simple “no.”  And I would honestly never do that….  There is a reason the lights are dimmed, we have timed tickets, we don’t sell food in the museum, etc. 

People just crack my up sometimes.  Complain to the information desk, write a letter, put up a negative yelp review, write a blog post, tweet about it, etc.  
don’t complain to me.  
b/c I’m just going to tell my coworkers, write a blog post, tweet about it, etc.

Conclusion: Undercover boss doesn’t happen in the real world!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The life and times of a fake federal employee

I don’t know if you guys have been living in a bubble lately, but in case you have been for the past month I’ll refresh you all on what’s going on in the world.
Okay that was a lie.

I’m just going to tell you what’s going on with the world that directly affects me.
And currently that is only the possibility for a government shutdown starting Friday at midnight.
And honestly my details on this issue are pretty small.
But what I do know is that since I work in a museum that is half federal and half private, we will be closed.
And unfortunately I’m part of the half that is “private”… ie- I get paid through donations.

To recap: the museum will be closed, but I will still have to report to work.
This means: I will have to spend 9 hours a day doing “busy work
Busy work in a place that will have no one in it to mess it up
Which can only mean one thing… cleaning.

I have already let my manager know that I will be willing to stand outside and let people know that we are closed.
Which I think they should really consider
Mostly b/c Visitor Service is a federal position and I’m charismatic and have a pretty smile. 

Monday, April 4, 2011

I'm a stair climbing champ!

I was home this past weekend.
During that time I participated in the American Lung association Fight for Air Climb.
 And the only reason I’m posting this is b/c I wanted to post the above photo that was on this website
(you can also see the less flattering pictures of me and my teammates on that site)

And you can also see here, that I did not get last place.  
287 place to be exact!  
And I also didn’t finish last in my group. 
4th to be exact!
with a total time of: 15:03
(how long does it take you to walk up 66 flight of stairs... I bet it takes you longer than 15 minutes)

and most importantly to remind myself that after walking up 
66 flights of stairs 
I can now be lazy for the next month and take the elevator.

It should be noted that the escalator was broken at the Smithsonian Metro stop the other day and I sucked-it-up and walked up the stairs b/c the elevator would have took longer and I was already running late.  
But I learned my lesson and I will not be doing that again. 

hope to see you all next year!!