Saturday, March 12, 2011

US Capitol

Day 23: Tour of the Capitol
The only real perk to being an intern is that we occasionally get to go on awesome fieldtrips.  This particularly day we went to the US Capitol.  And sure anyone can do this, but we get a tour from someone who gives us a little insight on what it is actually like to do their particular job. (in this case; what it is like to give tours and what it is like to be a museum curator in a place like the capitol)
… of course we didn’t get a tour inside the congressional chambers, but I can see that on CSPAN and it doesn’t look all the impressive.
I did of course take a million pictures of pointless statues and random other artifacts that mean nothing to me. 

Touring the Capitol is one of those things I’ve wanted to do since I’ve moved to DC… but unfortunately it is also one of those things you can’t do by yourself. 
Needless to say I was very happy to go with a group of museum interns.

Photos:  enjoy my random descriptions that will probably only be half right!
Fun Fact: This clock was set 5 -or 10 mins I can't remember now- fast to make sure everyone would be on time
The closest I got to anything "important" this is either the entrance to the House of the Senate.
Fun thought: I like to think the guard is reading an important document!
fun fact: this is the same width as the floor we were standing on.  (of course that means nothing to you, but if you ever go you will now have this little bit of knowledge)
they had this image going around the above image.  it showed America's history through Christoper Columbus to the Wright Brothers. 
fun fact: the face of this baby is really a face of one of the painters who put together this image.  
Fun Fact: John Quincy Adams desk was here and he would occasionally pretend to be asleep and from this location you can here perfectly what an individual across the room was saying (even in a whisper). the individual desk who was across the room was -of course- an opposing party member. 

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