Thursday, March 10, 2011

Trivia Night:1 Kelsey:0

Day 20: Trivia Night
For as long as I can remember I’ve always wanted to participate is some sort of Bar Trivia Night.  They had it when I was in college at Deadwood, and if you know anything about my friends you know that they are not the type of people who would want to go to Deadwood on a Tuesday.  (on a Saturday at around 1am I can convince them that a photobooth photo at Deadwood is a must)

But here in DC they have an array of bars that have trivia nights, trivia nights on any night of the week.
I convinced Allison to go with me to Bedrock Billiards on the Sunday before President’s Day to try out their weekly trivia.  (I knew she would have no excuse not to go, since that Monday was a Federal Holiday and I knew she wouldn’t have to work)
They were surprisingly busy (which probably relates to the whole Monday Holiday thing) and we found an awkward corner at the edge of the bar to stand at –right next to a drunken sweaty old man- and was already to start.
We were a group of 2 and the max was a group of 5 –the group next to us had 6, they cheated- and we were all ready to kick some trivia A**

Round one: Presidents
In Elementary school our school focused more on learning the state and capitals and spending a year on Iowa history.  Learning the order of the Presidents was never a priority.
And sure I have a degree in Political Science, but that was about as useful in trivia as it is in getting me a real job.
The only question we got right was who the first president to have a beard was.
Thanks Ab Lincoln!

 Round 2: Egypt
Have I mentioned my public school education already?  In HS taking world geography was a class, but I thought taking World and American History was more important… boy was I wrong.
And Moses was not an answer to any of the questions.
But thankfully Allison has been following the whole Egypt thing and she was able to come up with a handful of correct questions.
And the drunken sweaty old guy next to us rambled off a couple of answers for us. 

Round 3: Picture Clues
This round we were giving a sheet of paper that had picture clues and you had to come up with the national capital and the country.  Something along the lines of this image + p – another picture = this. (I tried to Google and image but was not completely sure how to word this kind of trivia)
-At this point we realized that we were not going to be anywhere close to winning this thing-

Round 4: Name that song
Here they slowed down a random song by 50% and we had to name the title and the band.
And this was harder than you would think.  (and bsb was not the correct answer to anything)

Round 5: actors turned singers
I was all prepared for this round to have answers such as; Justin Timberlake, Ashlee Simpsons, Miley Cryus… you know famous pop singers.
But it was questions like “this famous actor was in a High School band in the 80’s what was the band called?”
Hmmm, IDK.
Here was just started putting down “J.Bieber” each time we didn’t know.

Trivia ended and we stayed to hear the scores.
And to put this in perspective the winning team scored 70 points.  (They were the team right next to us, who had the 6 members.)
And we came in with 23 Points.  
We got last place.
No joke! 
Last place, out of about 25 teams. 
Yep, we rock!

This is not the team that won the night we were there.  But this is the image I got when I googled “Bedrock Billiards Trivia Night
They look all smug like "hey we just won $50 dollars" ($50 that can probably only be used on your bar tab, which will only pay for about 3 drinks here in DC)
But hey… maybe you should use that to pay for the interest on your Ivy League education. 
I’m sorry… I’m just bitter. I'm sure they are really nice people.  

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